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  1. They weren't very helpful lol they said to apply and they'll evaluate my transcript at that time. I ended up not applying.
  2. Ahh ca explique pourquoi je ne l'aurais pas vu lol merci
  3. Moi j'ai rien recu (dossier est encore a l'etude). C'est dans quel thread que tu as vu ca?
  4. Est-ce que tu sais si ca va être en avant-midi ou en après-midi? J'ai une entrevue pour med dent Dalhousie à 4pm (3pm heure du Québec)
  5. ULaval, mais mon premier choix est Dalhousie!
  6. Est-ce que ton Centre Étudiant indique encore "Dossier à l'étude" ou le statut a changé?
  7. J'ai déjà regarder et oui, il y a une clause de confidentialité concernant les questions dans le CASPer
  8. May be a silly question but are you guys going to use headphones or earphones, or only your computer speaker/mic?
  9. She probably has a bunch of emails to get back to. However, someone I know emailed her this weekend (Saturday I think) and Jo-Anne answered last night. Your email may have gotten lost in a bunch of other emails. You could ask for a confirmation in a few days if she hasn't answered you by that time?
  10. Yes, Jo-Anne confirmed that she had seen my email the next day around 6pm. She didn't say anything else though. I have not received anything concerning the date or any further details, just a confirmation.
  11. I don't know exactly how they will look at it but Jo-Anne told me they will assess it "competitively". This makes me think that they will not use it as a simple cut-off.
  12. Ohhh yeah I understand what you mean, it would not make sense to invite someone who has 0 chance post-interview.
  13. When I asked Jo-Anne a few months ago if they looked at the DAT for interview invites she said no, they only look at higher sciences GPA and last 60 cr GPA.
  14. Omg! The OOP competition is insane. What about your higher sciences GPA?
  15. 4.0/4.0 or 4.0/4.3? It sucks that they only look at GPA pre-interview
  16. I know OOP is very competitive so that could explain it. I don't know the requirements to be considered IP. You could try asking Jo-Anne.
  17. I'm so sorry to hear that are you IP or OOP? You also mentioned last week that your status was "Incomplete items outstanding". Could this be the reason?
  18. Exactement la même situation pour moi!
  19. Oui! Je suis dans le contingent Nouveau-Brunswick. Est-ce que tu as fait ton TAED en février?
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