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  1. I agree with Meridian. U of T is unfortunately a big GPA competitive game. I was personally not eligible for wGPA but sitting at a cGPA of 3.95 (but still no interview last year). You can browse the interview invite/rejection threads to get a better sense of your position and the GPA game. Schools like Mac or Queen's that are more "wild card" when it comes to GPA would probably work out better for you - and they're just as good!
  2. From what I've heard it's a small proportion and very difficult to get. Not sure about the other questions.
  3. excelspreadsheet, kleck096, and lmck; Thank you all! You're right. I feel much better after having some time to process over the last couple of days. Thanks so much for the kind words!
  4. They interviewed 54 people OOP. 10 accepted right away, 20+ on the waitlist (I’m guessing around 30). Can’t help but think that this means we were very below average - bottom 25% - and what this interview performance means about the prospect of other future medical schools. Thank you for all the kind words and I do feel good about having a shot in the first place... but things seem so impossible looking from here.
  5. Do the acceptances/waitlisted and rejections come out at the same time of day?
  6. TIME STAMP: Feb 13 @ 4:28pm Interview Date: March 3 (MD) Result: Invite cGPA: 3.95 wGPA: probably 3.98ish? MCAT: 517 ECs: mediocre relative to the applicant pool Essays: I believe these were strong Year: Graduated 2017 summer Geography: IP Very surprised and thankful.
  7. Time stamp: Jan 10 (yesterday) at 2:21pm. Invite/Reject: Invite (MD) GPA: 3.95 CARS: 128 Casper: I typed a lot and tried to be as original as possible/look at scenarios with multiple perspectives and considerations while following a set format for structuring my answers. Felt bad about the last station because I didn't distribute my answers evenly. Apparently it wasn't that bad. IP Graduated 2017 summer, working now. With the same stats last application cycle, I didn't get a single interview invite. With prepping Casper last year, I really trusted Mac's wh
  8. That makes a lot of sense to me. I'm wondering if the changes include weighting long-term commitment more heavily this cycle? Personally, many of my activities were short-term (around 1 year since I did an exchange in my third year).
  9. TIME STAMP: emailed 5:18 pm pst Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): 90.51 MCAT: 517 ECs: 4 clubs, 6 volunteering positions at hospitals/clinics/charities, baseball, science fair committee, research, & international exchange Current Degree: Honours Bachelor of science Geography: OOP NAQ: 25.66 AQ: 31.48 TFR: 57.14 NAQ was a lot lower than I expected. Not sure if it's the scoring itself or my activities after looking at everyone's stats this year. I actually had a really good UBC med student to edit my NAQ for me so I was expe
  10. What's responsible for the 34->28? I thought NAQ scores could only go up?
  11. Thanks Pizza11MS! I just received an email back from the admissions team confirming this as well. I'm realizing they'll definitely have our birthday for confirmation as well since we submit our driver's license to Casper. Have a good Sunday!
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