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  1. Program: MD Result: Interview Invitation OMSAS GPA: 3.95 CARS: 128 plus master’s boost apparently bumps you up 1? IP/OOP: OOP CASPer: Obviously fairly strong but it has always been one of my strengths when applying. It was my third time experiencing it so I wasn’t too concerned. Extracurriculars: Diverse and filled all the sections but fairly weak research section.
  2. It’s also possible that the person came through the Indigenous stream and just didn’t mention it. If you look at the U of M admissions statistics those stats are competitive in that stream especially with a high CASPer.
  3. IP/OOP: IP Decision: Invite MCAT: 515 aGPA: 4.5 Coefficients: One SES Also putting the time I received it because I always find that helpful for those looking back trying to figure out what time theirs will come out: 8:57 am
  4. I filled all of them and actually had to decide on things to leave out like early university or unrelated volunteer activities. That being said, my award section was my strongest and it's probably one of the easier ones to get a bunch of individual entries in if you are lucky early on. Not sure why they cut the numbers down but I guess they felt like they were getting insignificant entries? I think you should do what makes you happy and gives you a sense of fulfilment without acting in the interest of your ABS though. Because I didn't decide on medicine till much later, nothing I did was done
  5. No I did my undergrad here and my master’s degree abroad. I was born in Manitoba
  6. At the time I hadn’t written the MCAT so UOttawa was the only place I was eligible. Wrote it this year so this will be my first time applying to U of M
  7. IP MCAT: 515 AGPA: 4.5 One Socioeconomic coefficient 3rd time writing CASPer
  8. Hey thank you! I'm pretty confident about CASPer just because it'll be my third time, but this Snapshot thing is new. Based on some other internet reviews, many are calling on people to NOT do the snapshot if it's not required by the program. I haven't seen anything about it being required yet as this was the first place I heard about it... Will have to email schools and ask if they're requiring it and if it will benefit participants
  9. Hey!! Any insight as an OOP applicant would be appreciated. My GPA is about a 3.95 but I also have a completed Master's degree but I'm not entirely sure where the extra points are added for that. My CARS score was 128 and I got two interviews to Ottawa with CASPer when my GPA was a 3.94 at the time so I think it should be okay? I feel like a goof because I only just realized McMaster separates IP and OOP.
  10. Has anyone interviewed as part of the bilingual stream? I heard somewhere that you can switch into the bilingual stream after admission even if you interview as regular in the Manitoba stream. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  11. Putting yourself in other peoples' shoes, recognizing inequalities and advocating for those who may be disproportionately affected. All important qualities in a physician.
  12. In my opinion if you can't standardize a standardized test against people who wrote it previous cycles, the point of your standardized test is moot. I'm pretty frustrated. To me it makes more sense to add full dates with full exams vs. a shortened format. The 6:30 am start time? Ridiculous and my guess is unprecedented. How are students going to use public transport to get to the facility that early? Oh right, we're made of money if we can write the MCAT so why not just hop in a cab. 5 hours and 45 minutes is still a significant chunk of time and without that 30 minute break to refuel, u
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