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  1. How does Uro compare to ObGyn in terms of: Lifestyle and work-life balance Amount of surgery vs ability to do more clinics Patient contact Important to me are lifestyle (good work-life balance), clinics and more short surgeries/procedural stuff (rather than long complex surgeries), and patient contact. I'm interested in the subject matter of both these fields (I'm also interested in neurology which could be related to bladder control or urogyne?) Any advice appreciated
  2. 1. What does the day-to-day schedule of a Radiation Oncoloist look like? 2. How much diagnostic radiology type of work is involved? 3. How much patient contact is there? 4. What is the lifestyle, remuneration, and work-life balance like?
  3. How much patient contact is there in Rad Onc? Is there more or less patient contact vs. general surgery or diagnostic radiology for example? Where does the salary rank against other specialties in Quebec? Patient contact is very important for me, I enjoy something complex (neurology, physics), but I'm also looking for good lifestyle/work-life balance. Thank you
  4. Is it possible to aim for 2 separate competitive specialties (e.g. Ophtho and ENT) by doing some electives in each (or will this just increase your probability of matching to neither by not focusing solely on one specialty)? In other words, because some specialties are so competitive, you need to essentially do most/all of your electives in that specialty or in a related specialty. So will splitting your electives between two competitive specialties just likely end up leaving you unmatched by not having focused enough (in terms of research, elective, etc) towards one of the two specialitie
  5. I'm a female MS3 interested in OBGYN, but worried about the lifestyle and work-life balance. My main interests are Obstetrics (clinic, deliveries) and Gyne (clinics, procedures). How do I approach the issue of the busy and difficult schedule of an OBSGYN vs the desire to have more than sufficient time for family and eventually kids where I could be involved fully in their lives without stressing to find time.
  6. 1)Could anyone comment on the lifestyle in Obs/gyn? 2)Is it the residency with the worst work-life balance? 3)As a female who is interested in Obs/gyn (specifically Obstetrics and Obstetrics clinics and Gyne procedures) but also in a good lifestyle where I will have time for family and kids without having to stress, what should I do?
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