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  1. Thanks! I managed to send my NetID to my alternate email address (which turned out to be my mom's email address) and it works now!
  2. Hey guys, so I'm currently trying to activate my NetID with the student ID that I was emailed from queensmd, but it's not working. I've tried logging in many times but it just keeps saying "Please ensure the data entered is correct and the account has not been activated. For additional assistance, please contact the IT Support Centre." I'm going to call the IT Support Centre on Monday since they're closed now, but in the mean time, have any of you had trouble activating your NetID? I have no memory of ever activating it in the past, and I've searched my entire laptop, my username and pass
  3. i just received my rejection! xD although i am a little disappointed, im glad to have an answer. now that uoft is out of the picture, i hope my mmi was well received at queens this past weekend. fingers crossed! good luck to everyone else!
  4. I agree that UofT has considered this process from every angle and from the perspective of the students, and that fairness is more or less upheld. But on the same token, I have to say, being notified of an invitation or rejection 2 weeks away from the interview dates is way too late and it really does cause prolonged anxiety in the applicants that have yet to be notified, which I don't think has any benefit. I know that there are a lot of essays to be reviewed but perhaps they could increase the amount of reviewers they have on their panel to get things finished sooner. I don't think there'd b
  5. the next interviews are on april 8 and 9, and they say invitations will be given out the latest 2 weeks prior. so if they stay true to their word, offers have to be sent out this week. or at least one hopes...
  6. thanks anbessa, you too! i feel like you were saying those words to yourself as much as you were saying them to us. dont forget to take care of yourself too
  7. dont worry, i didnt hear back from uoft yet either lol
  8. im not sure about the offices but classes are certainly open lol (ive written final exams in ice storms before)
  9. After seeing everyone here say they finally got their email, I was expecting one too but there's still nothing... I checked my junk folder, my deleted emails folder, and I went through all the read emails in my inbox (again). I know it's the right email because I've gotten emails from other schools and from OMSAS, and I have the email from md.applicants@utoronto.ca sent to us back in December about verification check reminders. I'm scared that they tried contacting a verifier and received conflicting information with what I wrote in the sketch or something (although that shouldn't happen
  10. this is unfair. i think that if he was struggling with bipolar disorder, taking a break from medical school isn't a bad idea. but i don't think RBC had any sort of reasonable grounds to sue him for all that money he lost on the basis of tuition and mental illness. how is he going to find all that money? my whole family and i are with RBC so this is disturbing.
  11. same... i usually have a tab with my email permanently open whenever im on my computer but i think that might be making my anxiety even worse lol
  12. wow, im nervous just reading this, and im interviewing at the end of the month. good luck!
  13. i think there's a good chance there will be, since uoft seems to like sending out most of their emails at the end of the week. but also at the end of the day, so if there is a wave today, it'll probably be around 3-4pm?
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