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  1. I'm actually glad that I have an upcoming busy surgical rotation... it will help time pass by faster haha
  2. Same here. I hope it becomes available again because I didn't save a copy of my ROL.
  3. Hi @ACHQ, thank you so much for all the insights you have provided! I'm a 4th year medical student who is still deciding between IM and FM, and part of the reason is that I'm interested in clinic-based subspecialties (rheum, endo, etc.) and am unsure how I'd feel about GIM if I end up not matching. Looking at the thread, though, it looks like it's possible to do pure outpatient work as a GIM doc with a decent income. I was just wondering, what is the job market like for outpatient GIM clinics? Thanks!
  4. Yup I believe U of T FM urban sites offer the most elective time. Off the top of my head, the regional North site at Western offers 24 weeks of electives too.
  5. I had a science background, so my situation was different than yours. But honestly I don't recall chem/orgo being useful during preclerkship at all (unless you want to take the USMLE lol). If you want to pre-study anything beforehand, I think reviewing basic anatomy might be useful; anatomy tended to be what my classmates at Western struggled with the most. But I agree with Butterfly, you'll probably be fine if you do no pre-studying at all. Any studying you do will probably be lower yield because you're studying out of context. Enjoy your summer!
  6. I'm also trying to decide between internal medicine and family medicine, and the flexibility is definitely the most appealing aspect of family medicine to me. For internists who choose to subspecialize, there's no guarantee of matching to the desired program/location in CaRMS round 2, and depending on the subspecialty, one might not be able to find work in the desired location after 5 years of training. I feel like I like the day-to-day of an internist better than that of a family doc, but there's so much more uncertainty in internal medicine >.<.
  7. Here're my personal notes for some of the Ontario programs (correct me if I'm wrong!): Toronto: Service heavy (strict 1:4 call throughout, but there are plans to reduce the calls for PGY2/PGY3s), great teaching, mixed reviews re: collegiality/culture (and can vary depending on base hospital). Several residents from the GTA said it was worth it for the city/staying close to family. Queen's: Relatively few calls (average 4-5 calls per block), super collegial, residents are happy. Slightly smaller catchment area so the fellowship programs may not be the best. Western: Also very c
  8. I have heard nothing but poor reviews for UBC from upper year residents. Some were UBC residents, others had friends who were miserable at UBC (saying that it was service-heavy, not supportive). However, talking to some current UBC R1s, they seemed to be genuinely happy there. I'm quite puzzled by the discrepancy. Would be curious to learn more about all the IM programs (esp. non-Ontario ones) as well!
  9. I checked the call schedule for London CTU, and the FM residents typically do 5-6 calls per block. The number of calls is significantly reduced for people rotating through St. Thomas. Edit: Western's website lists the possible locations for each rotation (link) Call requirements are generally lower if you go to a site outside of London. I don't know how important the number of calls is in the grand scheme of things, though. FM residency is only 2 years, after all, and usually you only do home call when you are on FM rotations anyway.
  10. As a medical student I really enjoyed the Regional North (Ilderton) site at Western! The were many opportunities to do procedures in the clinic, the preceptors there were enthusiastic about teaching, and it was a 20 drive from downtown London. I never rotated through St. Mary's Hospital or Exeter ER, though, so I unfortunately can't comment on the full range of resident experiences.
  11. Out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea why Calgary FM had 20 leftover spots last year? Were they just that unpopular or were they super picky? As someone who has a Calgary FM interview, I really hope it's the former...
  12. I got my Western FM email about 1 hours ago. The interview sign-ups will open up tomorrow morning, so you should be expecting an email soon.
  13. School interviewing at: Calgary specialty: Internal Medicine current interview date: March 10th date would like to switch to: March 16th or 17th Other notes: also looking for a different date for my UBC/Ottawa interviews. Thanks!
  14. School interviewing at: Ottawa and UBC specialty: Internal Medicine current interview date: March 8th date would like to switch to: UBC: 15th or 17th, or morning of the 10th Ottawa: 9th, 11th, or morning of the 10th Thank you so so much.
  15. School Interviewing at: McMaster Specialty: Family Medicine Current Interview date: March 13th Dates would like to Switch to: March 17th, March 18th
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