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  1. I can't really answer on behalf of the admissions, obviously, but I think that 5 point discretion really matters here - maybe they contacted one of your references and the info you put wasn't verified appropriately? Also, Dal is probably the only med school in Canada that is nice enough to offer this but you will have a chance to talk to an admissions officer about your application so make sure to book that appointment!
  2. Last year, it came at like 7 or 8 am EST and is an automated message (a rejection was, at least, not sure about acceptances). So, don't waste your entire day checking.
  3. Actually, I don't know if they have residency seats in NB... so maybe, yeah!
  4. I would have interpreted this as more seats for residency, not medical students, since they say to train "new doctors" but you never know! I also feel like this only may take place in 2017-2018, not for 2016-2017. We'll find out soon though... best of luck
  5. They have some deals with hotels, if you are a student. https://www.mcgill.ca/accommodations/mohp/downtown Chateau Versaille was like 125$ a night I think? Otherwise, airbnb is a good option.
  6. To those of you that still have ready for review.... it is not over!!! I was so upset this morning because all my friends got interviews and mine still said READY for review but I just checked and I got an interview!!!!!!!!
  7. OOP is out of province IP is in province (quebec residency, it doesn't matter if you were in a QC university or not if you dont have the residency) The in province (quebec residents) have yet to receive anything
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