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  1. I'm just reading this thread now and am wishing I'd read it earlier. I'd signed up for a LOC with Scotia at prime interest the other week, though it seems as though many of you are managing to swing prime - 0.25% rates. The advisor that I had talked to (recommended by a friend who works at Scotia) had led me to believe that this was the absolute best lending rate that I could be offered as an incoming medical student and that lower interest rates could only be extended to those starting residencies in lucrative specialties. It seems as though that isn't really the case. At this point, is it
  2. Result: Rejected (OOP) cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 129 EC: 9/17. PhD complete, marathon runner, parent, other smaller things... MMI: Pass. I didn't like how tightly my interviewers had to adhere to their scripted questions. It made for a more artificial interview process than I had found at other schools.
  3. Result: Refused-Ltd Space Available Geography: IP PreqGPA: 3.8 MCAT: 516 ECs: Pretty diverse. Year: PhD Complete 2017 I'm feeling pretty defeated as I thought that I'd nailed the interview. I was waitlisted last year and thought that I was likely going to hear good news considering how I felt about this years interview.
  4. I think that 72.5 must reflect the average score for either IP or all accepted applicants.
  5. Another member of the OOP waitlist contingent here. 75.4 for me. Hopefully we'll see some movement come May! Congratulations to all those accepted!
  6. Also posting for stats. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: Jan 31, 2018 3ish PM wGPA: 3.95 Year: PhD Complete. Currently a postdoc. MCAT: 130/128/128/130 (516) ECs: Lots of research from PhD and current job, scholarships throughout post-secondary, a healthy number of publications, marathon runner, father, a number of volunteer and work positions over the years (I filled the majority of the 48 entries). Geography: IP Good luck at the interview to all those with an invite!
  7. Result: Interview! wGPA: ~ 3.85 MCAT: 516 ECs: Basic science research with a few publications, research scholarships, team sports (just clubs and rec leagues), triathlete, volunteer work (nothing overly related to medicine), lots of work experience (always had 1-2 jobs on the go in undergrad to pay the bills) Studies: Last year of PhD (Year 4) IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: No Congrats to everyone who has heard the good news!
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