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  1. Hello everyone, congrats to those of you who got in. Many of you might know McGill has changed their selection process for the coming cycle to 100% MMI after the interview. The logic behind it as far as I understood is that people had courses in Winter2020 that was affected by COVID19 pass/fail situation. However, I think this change is an unfair disadvantage for the multiple applicants who repeated the science courses to improve. I think if there is enough of us, we can write to them, What do you think?
  2. DAT was introduced in 2019 at McGill, so that might had been for that.
  3. did everyone get in today or the website was updated all at once?
  4. Nice! congrats to you and everyone who got the news today!
  5. Hey guys, When are the results supposed to be released?
  6. thanks for sharing this website, It is very helpful! I think we are OK compared to 2017 at least and for last year we can not judge the first movements as there haven't been frequent updates!
  7. does anyone have a history of last year movements? I don't think even last year there was many in the first two weeks.
  8. I think it's a good move so far, considering the deadline is only today!
  9. That is a very good idea and super nice of you, thanks
  10. I think probably Thursday too. Is anyone here also accepted or on the waitlist of Med?
  11. Thanks for the update. It seems like they make offers as people decline and not all at once, which is a yay news!
  12. Can I ask how do you know about the 2017 spots on the waitlist? I am only asking to figure if they put people on the waitlist based on their anticipation of its movement. In 2017, it only moved to 11. Could it be they put less on the waitlist because they anticipated it is not gonna move much?
  13. anyone also admitted to Dent and thinking to refuse their spot there? :)
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