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  1. I’m sorry, but this post comes off as presumptuous and borderline pretentious. It reads sort of like: ‘Why on earth would anyone rank anything else above these listed specialties?’ It is quite common for people to apply to more than one specialty, and ranking decisions are highly individualized, so you will never get a catch-all answer to this question. Obviously they are not just ‘backing up,’ as they are ranking these ‘less desirable’ specialties first. However, one confounding factor I can imagine might be amongst those who get very few interviews in those disciplines, who in misinterpretin
  2. As a POC in the system, I could not agree more. I find that that race is all-to-often conflated with other factors, be it cultural diversity, or SES. I grew up in an upper middle class suburb, far removed from my roots and cultural heritage. Though I appear overtly as a POC, my experiences and culture do not reflect this. I have little extra to offer marginalized and minority patients aside from the actual colour of my skin. I speak nothing but english. I do not know their culture. I have not lived their struggle. Someone of a different ethnic denomination who has underwent similar experi
  3. This question makes me so sad. Really speaks to the classism that exists in the medical field, and more broadly in higher-education. Include it proudly, OP.
  4. I know I'm gonna sound dumb for asking this, but are you remembering to hit the 'save' button at the bottom right of the screen on your profile page after filling in your MINC? Lmao this is the only thing I can think of. If you are, I'd probably call and ask them about it, their IT team was pretty quick about addressing the tech issues I had.
  5. Nope - no number! Just 'certificate granted' and an invoice. I'm assuming we won't get our numbers until closer to the start date of our term on July 1. Also, my MINC number is still present on my profile page, so I imagine it's a glitch. Does it disappear with every log-off/login?
  6. I'll share my limited perspective as a recent Ottawa grad, though I think @PeterL broke things down quite well, and I don't have all that much to add. 1. The AFMC 8-week elective restriction came into play starting this past CaRMS cycle. 2. You are right in saying that the advantage of more pre-carms elective time is 'lost' with the current restrictions in place. This is particularly true if you are gunning for a singular competitive discipline with a high degree of certainty in your chosen path. It evens the playing field so to speak. 3. UBC does very well with matching to comp
  7. To everyone still waiting for final review and issuance of post-graduate training certification: I just received notice of the complete review of my application today, approximately 1 week after all of my submitted documents showed as 'accepted' under the schedule of requirements tab. If you are naive like me and thought the initial 400+ dollar application fee was all that would be required this go around, think again! Another 345 dollar membership fee is required prior to finalization and issuance of your certificate :))))))
  8. ^ Agree with the above. In a working environment, compassion and empathy are a two way street. You've been shown a stark lack of compassion and empathy by your higher-up, and should feel under no obligation to uphold that which is not being extended to you. I understand that jobs are more difficult to come by re: COVID, but as everyone has stated, this is your life, and within reason you need to do what's best for your future. You did your due diligence in notifying reasonably in advance, and trying to find coverage. You owe them nothing else. When I was a second-year undergrad, I was doi
  9. Lol this is just the CPSO having dumb-ass formatting and confusing applicants. I got confused too and called about this. Bottom line is they're all required for finalization and conferral of your PG certificate, they just don't need special review by the committee. The proof of graduation and eLOA will be sent by your institution, and you should upload the rest of the documentation listed on the schedule. They will first show as 'received' when uploaded, and once accepted will show as 'accepted.'
  10. Yeah you’re right. It will inevitably reach a steady state. The point I was trying to make was that in the past, fewer opted for the fifth year (with stigma playing a significant role), and so with a relatively lower number of re-applicants there has been a reasonable rate of second-time success at a first-choice discipline, balancing with the opportunity cost of the additional year. But with 'X' mostly remaining constant (depending on the specialty), if more and more students funnel into pathway Y as opposed to matching to secondary specialties the year prior (change in perception, perhaps pr
  11. With a possible trend towards pursuing 5th years amongst those going unmatched in the first round in English Canada (particularly in select highly competitive disciplines), it’s only a matter of time before this pathway becomes supersaturated and non-viable.
  12. https://www.carms.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/2020_r1_tbl11e.pdf https://www.carms.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/2020_r1_tbl12e.pdf Above is some data from the 2020 cycle. Specifically, the first is a table listing the number of first choice applicants to all R1 entry disciplines nationwide. The second is a table listing the quota (number of seats across Canada) for each R1 entry discipline. For a given discipline of your interest, take the quota as the numerator, and number of first choice applicants as the denominator, and you'll generate an estimate of the 'competitiveness' (or
  13. Semantics (and perhaps slightly off topic), but I prefer to think of it as 'parallel planning' in this scenario. Meaning that you must be certain you enjoy both specialties significantly more than FM. Particularly regarding surgical specialties, where the opportunity cost is high (re: time investment, lifestyle detractors, risk of unmatched etc). Otherwise, you are better off pursuing FM as the alternate career path. Some surgical specialties are more similar to one another than others, but some certainly are vastly different (in operative technique, patient population, pathophysiology) and th
  14. I too received a couple of non-specific emails from the CPSO yesterday, none with login info (though I suspect this is because I already registered an account and submitted my application last Friday bc I was tired of waiting). Don't wait for them - it's absolute nonsense. It's quite easy to proceed on your own - just verify your email address (use the same one you provided to CaRMS) and then fill out the postgraduate certificate application. Based on the email they sent out to current year matched CMGs, you can just send them a message through their portal clarifying that you are a current ye
  15. Certainly being involved in projects is a great way build connections in the field, particularly as a pre-clerk. Be wary of stretching yourself too thin - both for the sake of ensuring quality and timely work, but more importantly for your own mental health and well being. You certainly do not need to perform research at every program to which you intend to apply. In smaller fields, everybody knows everybody, and by word of mouth, your PI's/staff's network in some ways become your own. However, focusing on your home school plus a select one or two other institutions (which may later comprise y
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