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  1. I graduated 3 years ago from UBC biology. I'm currently running 2 jobs, one of which is a dishwasher for a restaurant. I'm not going to try to embellish the position in the description from what it really is. I'm doing it to make ends meet and save more money for additional schooling. Would the adcoms think negatively of this position thinking that I'm just not trying to find a job? I've just gotten used to the looks on people's faces when I tell them what I do for a living after graduating from UBC over the years, but it is one of my longer commitments.
  2. Thanks for the comment. I'm taking a second degree, basically just betting on the next 5-ish years that I get into medicine. It's to boost my GPA and NAQ since my GPA is borderline non-competitive :85% AGPA. I honestly think that any degree (general science) will be better than my current one to increase my employability. I geared my past degree towards biology, which I ended up not liking. I know Kin is not that employable, but I am also thinking about applying for occupational/physiotherapy.
  3. I'm considering a second degree here after my first from UBC. The tuition is half the price of UBC and I have a reliable part-time job in Nanaimo that I can continue throughout my studies. I'm specifically thinking about the Kinesiology program at VIU. Does anybody have insight about the program or the university in general? I mainly wish to know if the program or uni is reasonable to get very high grades in. (Especially compared to schools like UBC). There's not much info on the VIU_Reddit
  4. Just curious, what's the definition of a permanent address? I have my name recorded with my sisters living on rent in Vancouver. My parents are living in a different country. Would this address still qualify as a permanent address?
  5. Hi, thanks. So about that, do you need a BC Services card AND BC MSP coverage, or is it fine to have MSP coverage only? I have an N, but still need a year and few more months to get my class 5. I ask because of this statement: "Possession of a BC Services Card is intended to signify residency in British Columbia. It is expected that applicants claiming BC residency are residents of BC and meet all MSP eligibility guidelines:..." So a BC SC is only to signify residency, and the essential requirement is MSP coverage?
  6. My avg for my first degree was 84.7%, and if I do a second degree at UBC it would be biology. Cons: I have to spend 3 years to finish this program. I also have to take 2nd-year bio courses which in my memory have low averages, so it seems risky in my position where I need to do absolutely well. Not so great employment prospects. I would essentially be studying 3 years for the same qualifications that I have now. Pros: I like how UBC discloses grade info so there's information about profs and courses that could destroy my
  7. Is it best to present an overarching story through your EC's? For example, one EC experience leading to another, to research and publication, and to a masters degree. Or would a narrative like this seem limited in scope, and potentially plotted for medical school?
  8. I think voluntourism is unnecessary but there's nothing wrong with being privileged right? Will the adcoms look down on this?
  9. Well I mean I think it would substantially boost your resume since you are shadowing doctors and surgeons as well as "volunteering" to "help" the underprivileged.. I can't think of a reason why it would be detrimental to your application. I agree with the others that it's not creative and that it's sort of a premed cliche.
  10. So I don't know if you know, but it seems to be pretty famous among pre-meds at my school. For those that don't know what it is here's the link: http://www.ecuaexperience.com/ It's a volunteering opportunity for premeds where they spend a month (can't remember exactly) in Ecuador shadowing physicians/ surgeons and helping out the underprivileged community. So my friends are super hyped about this and they are planning to apply for it. It seems that many other students are interested too. As ACTUAL MED STUDENTS, what is your opinion about this program?
  11. Thanks all for taking your time to answer my questions. I'm not trying to do this research for my resume for med school. I just really want to study this!
  12. Hey I'm currently a first-year science student at UBC. I wish to have my plan evaluated as I don't know where to begin my journey. I've always been interested in the microbial ecosystem of the ocean, and I have a firm belief that the oceanic sciences (including marine biology) will become the new frontier of biomedical innovation as we're just starting to realize its potential for the field of biomedical science. So I plan on conducting undergraduate research on this topic (marine biology & medicine related research) but I ask all of you who are vastly more experienced than I am
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