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  1. Got it- is this 100% confirmed?? I am going to push my LMCC then and don't want to be in a situation where I can't start residency lol
  2. Hey everyone, i’m an incoming pgy1 in toronto. Im wondering if i need the lmcc1 to start. are there any deadlines? what if i fail? i’m looking to postpone until september but my departments office doesn’t know the answer. They told me to contact pgme but i cant get ahold of them! thanks
  3. Anyone who got an interview to McMaster Psychiatry with an interview on March 11 willing to trade for my March 8th?
  4. Anyone have the contact info of a knowledgeable td rep in med student locs? Im looking to switch over from scotia!
  5. Hi all! does anyone have the contact info of a knowledgeable advisor for medical student LOC in vancouver for rbc? thanks!
  6. current ubc student here- you guys will get a workshop on it during the summer by jennifer wong and she will tell you how to fill out the application. But from memory, MD is considered undergrad for bc student aid purposes
  7. Current UBC student here. The 20 spaces are very limited so you need to apply early for it. Theres over 90 distributees for 20 spots! Otherwise, most people manage to find a 4 month sublet at ubc as a lot of UBC undergrads will leave for co-op terms.
  8. Everything has now been sold! However, selling one more copy of Doing right 2nd Ed for $35!
  9. Update: Casper SIM and MMI (Samir) are sold. Everything else still available!
  10. If you look at trends I think someone with a low gpa needs to have a very good interview score, considering lots of people every year get rejected with above avg interview and ~80-82% GPA
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