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  1. Facebook page is up! https://www.facebook.com/groups/178825163064753/ so... anyone going to post or ...?
  2. Early acceptances for the UofA DDS 2023 class should be out! Just a reminder for anyone who doesn't hear back for early acceptances in May (which is only a short list), the general acceptances/WL/rejections should be released in late June. I will post a link to our Facebook page after acceptances roll out. Congratulations to all those who are accepted, we can't wait to meet you all!! P.S. Feel free to comment DAT, GPA, MMI Score, and Geography with results. This helps future applicants get an idea of where they stand
  3. Early, and regular acceptance is usually by email. The only time they call you for acceptance is if you get accepted off waitlist I believe.
  4. Hey all, I heard interview invites came out a couple days ago. Feel free to post your stats and results for those who plan on applying in the future! Post any questions you have and the DDS 2022’s will try their best to answer them!
  5. 21 RC 22 PAT 30 MDT focused on UofA did a lot better than i expected!
  6. I don't think they actually post that type of information, but you can refer to the stats of the admitting 2020 class posted on the admissions page as kind of a benchmark. Overall GPA 3.61 - 4.00 (Mean 3.85) DAT Reading 19 - 29 (Mean 22.75) DAT PAT 17 - 26 (Mean 21.50) DAT Manual 16- 29 (Mean 24.15)
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