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  1. Hi guys, I recently decided to go into PT and OT, and have done some basic research and found out that I am only eligible to apply to PT programs at UofT and Queen's. This is because I either lack some pre-requisites or that my lowest pre-requisites mark is at B-. However, none of these pre-reqs are within the last 60 credits of sGPA. I haven't completed my research for OT schools yet, but it seems like OTs are a bit lax on the pre-reqs. This is my stats, cGPA = 3.66, sGPA = 3.89, both including a non-degree year (full course load). Extracurricular wise, I am currently a rehab staff
  2. Yes, you are right. After re-watching that video from UofT admission committee, I gained a clearer understanding of how GPA is used. Based on the application pool each year, they create a competitive GPA cut-off at the initial file screening stage, after which GPA is no longer mentioned. The next stage is detailed file review in which one's essays, 3 ABS statements, and LOR are being closely examined to determine who is worthy of an interview. After the interview, the applicant's final score is consisted of 50% detailed file review + 50% interview score. So GPA is competitively used in the sen
  3. Did UofT specifically tell you that GPA is NOT ranked, but assessed competitively? I doubt it is assessed competitively at a cut-off, because one user reportedly got in with 3.61 wGPA. There were also a few other users who got in with <3.85 wGPA in 2016.
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