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    uofthopefulzhou reacted to Rabeprazole in GPA?   
    Surprisingly, OMSAS actually does what is called in academia: a hard round down, so you'd end up with a 3.90. I'm sorry for your loss. 
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    The issue is the 40 hours a week you are working right now. As a PA, you get to clock in and clock out, but once you are a physician it isn't just seeing the patient, there is endless paperwork, phone calls that add on to those hours. I don't think it is worth it in your situation from a financial and from a lifestyle point of view. The entire process of med school and residency could very well take 10 years or so and during that time you will be in the net negative income wise. These are crucial years in your life during which you may be trying to find a spouse, have kids etc. If you invest right now, you definitely will be better off financially. The only benefit of being a doctor is the autonomy and the title. Both will wear off faster than you can count to 10. If you have an idealistic wish to become a doctor, or a passion that involves doing some sort of work only a physician can do, it may be worth it, but if you are thinking from a practical point of view it isn't worth it. 
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    I have a friend who has a lower wGPA than yours and got in last year. It's definitely possible! 
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    Was your friend an undergraduate applicant/applicant assessed as an undergrad? Thanks! 
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    uofthopefulzhou reacted to isitlunchtimeyet in Interview invite with wGPA of 3.83 possible?   
    yeah she ended up getting in straight out of undergrad
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    uofthopefulzhou reacted to CantConcentrate in 3.82 wGPA - Interview invite possible?   
    Yes, it's possible. Your GPA, while assessed competitively, is only one aspect of your application. There are many students in our class who had GPAs lower than 3.85. Premed101 can be a little skewed in terms of the applicant pool represented
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    uofthopefulzhou reacted to MHCClassII in 2017 Application cycle stats   
    The recap video for the 2017 application cycle was just released. Average accepted GPA was 3.96.
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