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  1. I didn't feel like I was "guessing" but I wasn't confident in everything either. More so I felt like I was picking the "best" answer when I could justify more than one of the responses.
  2. It also depends on whether the schools you apply for look at your actual GPA or an overall "academic score". I had a similar GPA finishing undergrad, but I had a high MCAT score and got an IP interview. I didn't get in that year, so I did a Masters degree and managed a 4.0 in that. Once my masters was done, the combination of my new GPA and MCAT (which is how some schools do it) was enough to be competitive because my high MCAT score brought my "academic" score up. The first year I applied (with the low pre-Masters GPA), I actually went into the admissions office and asked what I woul
  3. It seems like that's the regular CMA discount (that you can get any time of year), but they do offer special promos that are better - I got one that was only valid for June. The prices depend on the province anyway, so I can't really comment on those specific prices . The plan I got, when I priced it in the store, was about $180/month after tax. With the regular 30% off for the CMA discount, it came to just under $130/month after tax. The promo I got was $87/month + tax, so $100.05/month. (I realize that still sounds high but compared to the regular local prices it's a steal - the deal w
  4. I signed up recently (not OMA, but I did do the provincial + CMA combo) and they said it was free for the incoming class. I paid the student fee but they refunded it. As for benefits, clinical key (which has the free e-textbooks mentioned above) seems like a pretty good resource you get for free. I set it up and you can access it on mobile through the CMA's Joule app. They also have pretty great deals with Telus. I also just upgraded my phone this week, switched from Bell, and got a CMA exclusive plan. I priced the plan at Telus and it works out to almost half off with the CMA discount. (
  5. Did anyone see the CMA's instagram post today? It says "Stay tuned to our instagram to see the color of this year's #MyCMABackpack as selected by students last summer!" Maybe that means they'll be red since red won last year's poll?
  6. Last year it was around this time that the waitlists started moving a lot - around the second week of June.
  7. There's not a ton of emphasis on the GPA after you get an interview (and your GPA is high enough for an interview). I don't think the GPA boost you would get from another year of undergrad would make much of a difference. I agree with you with the job option. If it's in a health related field or if it gives you specific skills that would be helpful in medicine then it would help. But if it's just a job for the sake of a job, probably not. I tried a few times to get in but the work experience I had (health related field doing research with some clinical experience) really helped in the ye
  8. I've been looking around, and what I've found is that if you go into a bank with what the others are offering, they'll match it. They're all open to negotiation, so you can't really go by the offer itself. I'm with BMO and they typically can't compete with the other banks for the medical student LOC, but I showed the guy RBC's website, and they matched it all (I ended up getting approved for Prime - 0.25%). They also gave me access to the funds with JUST an acceptance letter as an added perk.
  9. ACCEPTED!!! (After many tries) timestamp: 9:55 IP GPA: 3.5 Undergrad, 4.0 Grad MCAT: 505 (CARS 130) ECs: A ton of health related volunteering, leadership positions in most current volunteer positions. A ton of work experience, including clinical research. Interview: I felt good about 5/8 MMI and felt pretty good leaving the traditional, compared to previous years SJT: Felt pretty good about it, finished it really quickly, but who knows! Congrats to everyone else accepted, good luck to the waitlisters (I've been there twice - it's the worst),
  10. They come out one at a time starting around 9/9:30. So you could get it any time between open and close of the business day.
  11. I highly doubt it. The 6th seemed to be pretty consistent. And we likely would have heard by now if they were coming today.
  12. I just physically walked into the admissions office and they said March 6th. It's really starting to sound like March 6th haha
  13. I heard a new rumor that it's March 1st. Someone supposedly heard directly from an admissions committee member, but I heard it through someone else so I can't verify it.
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