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  1. Yes they are, but most schools give recognition to the top x% or x number of students in the class. Was wondering if it's a criteria that makes a significant difference to residency panels.
  2. Hey there, What are your opinions/experiences on how important Honor Rolls, Dean's List, Bock Distinctions, etc. are when matching for (both competitive and non-competitive) residencies?
  3. Agreed. I was also accepted as an OOP with an average GPA.
  4. McGill. They will only use your MCAT scores (which you have the choice to submit or not) if it helps you. Otherwise, it is dependent on your other application parameters.
  5. Just wanted to put this out there for all medical students - feel free to repost where more appropriate. Scotiabank and RBC just started to offer LOCs at prime-0.25%. Just signed my LoC offer today. Cheers!
  6. Hey Med Ambassadors, When do we need to send in our tuition and fee payments? I can't seem to find any balance or payment information on my Minerva. Thanks
  7. Accepted off the OOP waitlist. Good luck to all of you!
  8. Thanks for the calculations bigshoes89, really a breath of fresh air . Just wondering how it moved to #13 though, based off the Afmc stats. If the success rate for OOP was 1.8% for 715 applicants, that would come out to 13 offers. Wouldn't that mean that the waitlist moved to position #3 after the initial 10 offers? Please prove me wrong .
  9. Hey guys, Wondering if we need to submit/send anything to the admissions department after we interview. Just had a thought this morning to cover my bases
  10. Thanks for the speedy reply medafter30! Not overly worried about the prospects, but I've always been a numbers kind of person . I can appreciate that it varies from year to year, but if any prior applicants can share how it was for their cycle, I'd still love to know! As far as you can go without breaking confidentiality, do some McGill MMI scenarios typically include current healthcare topics?
  11. Hello Mcgill Med Ambassadors, Just had two questions that I was hoping you could answer: 1) How fast does the waitlist for OOP applicants move? 2) For the MMIs, it is expected for interviewees to have a sound understanding of current Canadian healthcare issues? Thanks for all that you do .
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