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  1. Hello everyone, Let me start off by saying I am not a gunner and I am not in it for the money, power, or prestige. However, your motivation doesn't make or break you as a competitive candidate. I am seeking some insights, information, tips that will help me maximize my chance at my goal of becoming a plastic surgeon. A little bit about me - I interviewed at couple Ontario schools this cycle and hopefully I might be able to matriculate. For a very long time, I wanted to be a plastic surgeon because I've always been interested in aesthetic side of things and what determines whether we
  2. I've heard that Mac uses z-score to calculate your score. Is this true? And if so, that would be they would use the mean value NOT the median value to compare right?
  3. I think the problem is the unique nature of my activity. It's for "Self-directed Learning and/or Problem-solving/Critical Inquiry". Without giving away too much info, I was a member of a school team and we would participate in academic contests every so often (about once every 3/4 months). However, we would prepare for these events on our own time and on our own discretion. So even though the time spent performing this activity is like you say "Done once every 2 to 3 months", would it be reasonable to put my accumulated time commitment as something higher? (Say 3 to 6 or 6 to 12 mo.)
  4. But from that example, you don't know how many days worked per week and how many hours worked per day? I don't know what's so clearly stated about it and why you are so agressive lol. According to that, I could have worked for an hour once a week from June to August for 3 years that that would still be 9 months HENCE MY QUESTION.
  5. Hello For one of my activities, I took part once every 3 months or so during school year for all 4 years of my high school. I am just wondering what the accumulated time would be because there's two ways to look at it. One would be to actually count the days that I spent doing the activity (less than 3 months) and another would be to count the duration that I was part of the team (more than 3 years)
  6. Hello all, With an introduction of new "Abbreviated Autobiographical Sketch" portion, I was wondering whether I should apply i.e. write eight 400-word essays. From what is written on OMSAS, it sounds like Western is going to be using GPA and MCAT as cut-offs this year. What are the chances that CARS cut-off lowers? Or are essays just going to be an another screening process for those who meet 3.7 GPA/129 CARS cut off? I just want to hear what everyone thinks before start writing these essays as it's a pretty big commitment! Thanks all.
  7. casper will make your break your app but since you can't be sure you are going to do well on casper, no one can tell you
  8. It is possible but unlikely. Like if you literally got the perfect score on Casper. But otherwise prob not.
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