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  1. The fee didn't show up for me on my account. I just went into beartracks -> financials -> make a payment and put in 175. They received the deposit so it worked
  2. Hi all, I also received my acceptance email earlier today! I had a prereq. GPA of 3.6 and an overall GPA (last 60 credits) of 3.7. Best year 30 credit year: 4.0. I didn't have any work experience in a pharmacy, but did have job shadows and some volunteer work in healthcare. First time applicant & in-province. Good luck to all applicants looking forward to meeting everyone in the Fall.
  3. Congrats, that's a very impressive GPA! Do you mind commenting on the perceived strengths of your application? For example - did you have pharmacy related work or volunteer experience? Thanks!
  4. Hi Pharm07, Why do you think there will be 134 people? I thought it has always been 130 people, as their website states.
  5. So I found the student handbook online (page 10: https://cloudfront.ualberta.ca/-/media/pharm/programs/documents/bsc-in-pharmacy/student-handbook-2016a.pdf) and I'm pretty sure the specific classes you named are second year courses... but maybe someone else on the forum would have a better idea and would be able to comment on this?
  6. Hey pharm07! Just curious - where did you hear that cGPA is weighted equal to pGPA? I was told in Feb by Rae that for this years application cycle, the overall gpa on the last 2 years is weighted slightly above the prerequisite GPA. Also what do you mean 0 volunteer hours mentioned? We weren't ever asked about hours, do you mean just none listed in general? Thanks & good luck
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