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  1. Ya I ended up getting it 2 weeks after I applied
  2. Hi everyone! For those of you who applied to Western this cycle, did you ever receive an email with your student number and information on how to set up your student center account?
  3. It was also in the manual last year so it's not the first year they have implemented this. And unfortunately, no, it doesn't mean free questions, that would be great! It just means the PAT is essentially out of 75 questions instead of 90.
  4. I'm pretty sure a virtual lab component would not be sufficient but you can always contact the dental schools to be sure.
  5. Ok I think I figured out how they incorporate the DAT into the cut-off %. To determine the cut-off, your best 2-year GPA is used (65% weight) and an average of your RC, AA and PAT scores (15% weight). I don't know your stats so I'll use made up numbers. Let's say your GPA is 92.5% and you DAT scores are 20 RC, 21 AA and 22 PAT. You convert your GPA into a score out of 65 (92.5 x 0.65 = 60.125) and average your DAT scores ( (20+21+22)/3) = 21 ). You then convert your averaged DAT score (21/30=70) to a score out of 15 (70 x 0.15 = 10.5). Lastly, add up the 2 scores for a score out of 80 (the com
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