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  1. Time stamp: Feb 10th Invite/Reject: Invite (MD) GPA: 3.89 CARS: 130 Casper: Was brutally honest with my answers! Apparently turned out decent enough
  2. I'd be interested as well!
  3. I honestly feel like it's not very fair to segregate applicants based on their race. I understand that there are not many black applicants, but I don't feel like someone's background should have absolutely any impact on their application. Personally, I am from a white immigrant family from Europe and even though I am white, I come from a background with no one in my family working in the field of medicine, and from a working family. My parents do not contribute much to my eduction and applications and I have been working since I've been 15 to make money for myself and save up for school and ap
  4. Thanks for the input! I was really hoping for Mac as I felt that my casper was pretty good but apparently not good enough :/ Also, as for EC's, I have some club sports and I do a lot of weightlifting but no varsity sports or anything like that. I wanted to look into becoming a personal trainer once I get some (when I'm done school). I also have absolutely no talent for art or music, I could learn to play the guitar for the sake of my app but I would honestly hate it. I have some experiences working in the hospital, fundraising events, food banks, hospice, organizing events for kids, som
  5. Hey everyone! I just wanted to ask for some advice on what I should do next year. I'm finishing up my last year of undergrad and I have no clue what to do next year as I've received only rejections thus far. Still waiting on UofT but I want to start planning in case that doesn't work out. My stats: cGPA: 3.88 (should be ~3.9 with this years grades) MCAT: 514 (128/127/129/130) EC's: 2 years as a research assistant (no pubs), tutoring, walk-in clinic, summer jobs etc I have no idea whether or not I should rewrite the MCAT this summer to try to improve my CARS score (127) as that
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