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  1. Has anyone here done the neuroscience program at the university of calgary? What would be my chances of getting in, my grade 11 average is around 94.6%. How are the research opportunities? How difficult is it? Can anyone compare it to the biomed program at UofC? How are the profs and other students? Also just any general information about Calgary and the university would be helpful!! thank you
  2. Not sure if this thread is still active, but I have a few questions about the neuroscience program if it is. What would you say is the typical admission average for the program? Considering there are only 30 people accepted I'm assuming it's quite high, but I can't find anything specific. I'm looking to apply next year, at the moment my grade 11 (top five courses) average is 94.6%, what are my chances of being accepted? Also is anyone able to compare the neuroscience program to the biomed program at UofC? Thank you!!
  3. Have any of you here gone to Uvic for your undergrad, and gotten into med school? I know that UBC doesn't favour their own undergrads, but they take so many more from UBC in comparison to uvic, sfu etc. I'm also just wondering if it is a smart decision to not go to such a large school for undergrad when med schools don't care. I'm also considering going to UofA, UofC, McMaster, and Western and just want to hear your opinions on the opportunities they offer to get into med school. It's always said that McMaster's Health Sci program is the place to go or Western's bio med, but is it worth it to
  4. I am also from BC. Where did you do your undergrad and did you enjoy it? Right now I'm considering both UVic and UBC for universities in BC, but I'm pretty unsure.
  5. Thanks you both for your help! Does anyone know about the Honours degree in physiology? Or pharmacology?
  6. Does anyone have any experience at the university of alberta for undergrad before applying to Med School? Which programs are most common for "premeds"? And how is the campus, campus life, profs etc? There really isn't that much information on UofA from students, and I just want to hear your opinions!
  7. Exactly! I'm really just looking for the balance where I'll be able to achieve good grades and still maintain a life outside school. It's so overwhelming with all the different choices, I just want to get to know what kind of atmosphere will suit me best. Thanks for all your help!
  8. Yeah I totally agree! I want to get into medecine, but enjoy life at university too. Did you like Western? What would you have to say is better at Western vs other Ontario/eastern canadian schools?
  9. I'm currently in grade 11, wanting to go into sciences (specifically bio/biochem) in university, and hopefully med school afterwards. I'm mainly looking at UBC, Uvic, UofA, McGill, McMaster, UofT, and Western. I'm really undecided and just want to know what your experiences are at your universities. Not just the academics, but the social life and your thoughts on the city and dorms. Also any cool classes that you enjoyed. Basically just what you love and hate about uni to help me decide lol. Sorry if this kind of thing is already somewhere in the forum, I just joined Thank you!!
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