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  1. Hey all, In the orientation package they suggested we get either the Littmann cardiology III or the cardiology IV. The usask bookstore only has the classic III or the cardiology IV. Anyone know a good site to order the cardiology III from or should I just pay a little bit extra for the IV? Thanks in advance, Slush
  2. Hey guys, Do they email at all to let you know that the deposit has arrived? I'm out of town and so I had to courier the deposit with my acceptance letter. The tracking number on the package shows it was delivered but I haven't heard anything from them. Do you think it would be okay to call tomorrow to verify that they received my payment? Sincerely, Slush
  3. Hey guys, I have been accepted to both Saskatchewan and Calgary and have been having a hard time deciding what school would be the best for me. Saskatchewan: -I'd be able to live in my home town (friends, family, no rent, etc). -I would be familiar with the facilities -I do not have a science background so the four year program with the basic sciences is appealing to me. -Easier to write the USMLE's during the summer -Just off probation, could potentially have the reputation as a lesser school. -Marked exams, makes it a more competitive atmosphere. -Summer research would be aweso
  4. I was lucky enough to get an acceptance to Calgary out of province and honestly I never thought this would happen and it is creating a rather tough decision for me. Because I am out of province it is hard to get good unbiased opinions on the three year program so I thought I would ask here. One of the biggest issues that people bring up here with Calgary's program is the competitiveness for residency positions. Now obviously with the condensed program there is a less time to build your CV, and I was wondering how big of an impact this had on applying for residency programs. I currently hav
  5. Anyone know if its an automatic rejection if they can't get ahold of one of your references? They emailed me a couple days ago saying they couldn't get ahold of my references and asked me for updated contact information. The thing is the person stopped working at the place where I volunteered and moved away and I'm having troubles getting their new contact information. Do you think if I emailed them and explained the situation they would let me change my reference to the person who currently works there? I'm really worried they'll automatically reject me even though my other two references are
  6. I recommend 13 Reasons Why. Just to add to the previous conversation about references, one of mine was checked about a week ago. It was just an email asking if they could confirm my activity in a club I was in. I wouldn't look into reference checking at all, I have a feeling it is 100% random and has no bearing on anything. I'm actually a little surprised that my reference for that activity was the one that got checked, I thought it was a pretty normal activity to have compared to some of my other ones but oh well.
  7. Usually I'm not an impatient person but waiting for admission decisions is so much worse than waiting for MCAT scores! Maybe you guys could answer this question, are OOP and IP applicants marked separately on the interview? On the reference statistics it looks like OOP and IP need the same score to get an offer of admissions, but OOP need a higher score to get an interview. If they're part of the same interview pool is it easier to get an offer of admission if you're out of province because your pre-interview score is likely to be higher than the average in province applicant?
  8. Do you know if they inform us if we passed or failed the interview before they make admission decisions or do they release that all in May?
  9. Overall I really enjoyed it. Thank you to all the students and volunteers who made it so good. I felt that it went well, although I felt my answers were weak for three of the stations. Anyone know how hard it is to actually fail a station?
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