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  1. Hi. I haven't done the interview yet but according to the information they sent out, it will be 3 minute to read and 10 to answer.
  2. Ahh ok, thanks for sharing! Good luck to you too! Yeah, my interview is on the 27th as well and haven't received any information booklet yet.
  3. Hi, The admissions blog states the stations are 10 minutes each with 3 minute transition between stations. Does that mean the time to read and contemplate the prompt is part of the 10 minutes and separate from the 3 minutes? Or are the 3 minutes for the prompt? Any insight would be appreciated!
  4. Thanks for your insight, f011235813! (Sorry for the delayed response)
  5. Hi, I'm a mature student doing my 2nd UG in Kin, staring this fall. If there's a specific lab or tutorial section you want but it's full, what's the best way of getting into it besides waiting and hoping someone switches out? Email the department or email the course instructor directly? I'd appreciate any advice! Thanks!
  6. Thank you all for taking the time to respond! You've been helpful, as I expected you would be! My only concern with doing a second undergrad is that I might still not get in if my grades aren't high enough the second time around. There is of course the MCAT rewrite to worry about too. To be honest, I am leaning more towards attending a Caribbean school....
  7. Hi everyone, Let me start by saying that this is my first time posting on here but I have come on every once in awhile over the last few years out of curiosity. I've always been impressed at how knowledgeable you all are and also, for the most part, the thoughtfulness of everyone's responses. Anyway, onto my story... My bio: 32 yo with a Hon BSc from the University of Toronto. y1 - 3.27 y2 - 2.65 y3 - 3.44 y4 - 3.34 y5 (after graduating and returning as a "non-degree student") - 2.84. I took 8 courses as a non-degree student over a period of 5 semesters (spanning from 2007-2010). The first
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