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  1. For the first time ever from what I have heard, they actually didn't stick to this date and the two new dates are May 24 and June 1. Another week of waiting, great
  2. MCAT as a whole for now. They will probably look at each individual section and create an operational score again once they have enough information about the new MCAT.
  3. I was looking through the Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets thread and I noticed a lot of individuals that seemed to have gotten in after a couple tries at the least. I was wondering if the second, third, etc. time around, what did you individuals change to improve your odds? Was it raising the MCAT score or was it approaching the interview differently?
  4. Yeah they always have. Only people who are for sure accepted will be alerted on May 17. Everyone else will get no reply until June 1 where the remaining individuals who are accepted are sent a letter, those who are waitlisted are told the tier they are in and those who are rejected are told as well. If you are rejected, you can meet with the admissions committee to see where you fell behind.
  5. It says May 17 on the information bulletin, but that is the early date. The later date is June 1.
  6. Does anyone know what times the letters are typically sent out?
  7. Are those factors really a major difference maker?
  8. Wow, if you don't mind me asking, do you know roughly how above the average they were?
  9. Question: Based on what you said, what is the likelihood for someone with a MCAT of 517 and an AGPA of 4.39 to get in? Could an average interview really get you in like I heard from a lot of people? My friend has these metrics and has been nervous af
  10. I was told by someone who emailed them for invite to interview statistics and whether or not they will be posted like last year that they aren't releasing stats until everyone has been accepted so they have accurate data. It's really annoying how they had it last year and then took it away.
  11. If that's the actual trend, your logic is right! If you think it will be roughly the same, I guess I'll quickly look over the old stats again. Edit: Quickly looked at Class of 2019 and the median was 10.5 while the average was 10.6, so someone with the average is for sure better than 50% of the applicants though I'm guessing only slightly? The values are pretty close.
  12. So I've been reading that last years stats are lower than usual from a previous thread so I thought I would just discuss this topic. Based off the stats they posted, is this actually true? Will the score averages increase substantially? This also ties in with how I've been hearing about high scores in general from applicants and I'm kind of curious as to how this sets me up.
  13. Specifically for the UofM, I have heard the average age is around 22-24 when people get in. In terms of the gap year, the UofM doesn't look at extracurriculars or work experience when comparing students, in fact it's not even in the application. In an extension to that, the references are nothing more than a red flag check; they hold no weight. In saying this, more experiences in whatever setting is useful in terms of having more to talk about during the interview, so do as much as you can and that you enjoy and don't worry too much about when you get in as long as it's something you want
  14. So it's been past the two weeks that would have lined up with the time they uploaded it last year, so does anyone have any information on when it should be posted?
  15. I've heard of people getting higher scores in general, but I also know individuals that had interviews with scores as low as a 502. The stats should hopefully be released in a week or two just like it was last year.
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