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  1. I went to a 6 year program straight out of high school and matched to a residency position without any gaps, albeit in the US. I have no regrets, as before embarking on this journey there were 2 things I accepted as possibilities: 1. I would likely match to the US not Canada (but can move back to Canada after training in the US). 2. I would likely be limited to primary specialties like IM, FM, Peds, Psych If you can agree to these 2 terms, then this is a viable path assuming you are a hard worker, self-directed and score well on the USMLE exams. I must say though, I was the exc
  2. Hello! Are there any Interventional Pain Specialists on the forum? If so, I have a few questions. 1. What is the income of an interventional pain specialist in Canada? 2. What is the practice environment? (outpatient, hospital based, private clinic?) 3. What made you choose interventional pain management fellowship? Answer via private message if thats more comfortable for you Thanks
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