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  1. Ayyy, congrats!! When do you find out about Ireland? And what is making you choose Ireland?
  2. The process was just easier as my parents, uncle and I were with TD already. All the big banks are similar. You can book an appointment and tell them your current situation and get all the paperwork ready, but I dont believe they will sent in the papers until you have a proof of enrolment as that has the cost of tuition, start and end date, etc on it.
  3. I believe TD offers 250k on their website, but they make sure the entire tuition and living expenses are covered so you can always request more, but at the same time required enough assets to get approve. I applied for 300k (I had some money in my savings) for a second time with my uncle as a second co-signer and got approved. I believe the whole process of booking appointments, going to them and waiting for the adviser to process everything took about 2 months. So I would recommend going as soon as possible when you get a proof of enrolment.
  4. When I applied last year with mostly real estate, specifically with TD, I did not get approve.
  5. Your co-signer(s) need an equivalent amount you borrow in liquid assets for international SLOC. If not, it might be pretty difficult to get a SLOC.
  6. They should have a record, but it is best to call or email your school to confirm.
  7. Yes you need a cosigner maybe two and they would have to have liquid assets equivalent to the amount you borrow.
  8. I would have loved to go to dental school in my province, but due to a combination of GPA, DAT and interview, I didn't get in after two cycles :/. Everyone's situation is different, but for me, Melbourne was always my second choice. I am lucky to have family here, which helps with the move. I applied as earliest as possible right after I finished my 3 year bachelor degree as I didn't want to take a gap year. My tuition was about 85k, plus 4-6k for instruments and loops for first year. The covid situation is pretty rough especially in Melbourne which recently announced stage 4 lockdown, e
  9. My agpa was 3.74 (most recent 3 year) and average dat score of 20.5 out of the 4 sections, which Melbourne looks at.
  10. I only got an offer to Melbourne, but you can look at cost of tuition, cost of living, and where do you want to live. If you have family in those locations. In the end you graduate with the same degree and it depends who you are and how you use it.
  11. University of Melbourne is a 4 year program and is basically a 10 month program. You start in late Jan or early Feb. You get 2-3 weeks for winter break in June and finals are late Nov. Plus supplementary exams in Dec if you fail.
  12. You can also follow "oztrekk" on instragram. They sometime have story take overs of students from different schools in Australia who talk and answer questions about their school.
  13. If you're IP, then yes people with 20 got in. Tbh if you have decent gpa and DAT score, it all depends on the interview.
  14. Im IP and received an interview with a 4.1/4.5 aGPA and 20.5 DAT score (average of the 4 sections). And yes they take the highest DAT score. They also only consider the feb DAT if you make final selection.
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