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  1. They really need to adopt the UofT and McGill numbering system for future years...
  2. I don't think they'd change people's high/normal/low ranking, even if there was a lot of movement because that was based off of previous years, not what's happening now (might be wrong though!). HWL still hasn't cleared, so I would be surprised if they manage to reach the LWL. Two things are up in the air. It seems like there is a lot of WL movement this year so far, but maybe more people are just posting (except it seems like a high proportion of posters are getting in)? The second is we really don't know how long each of the lists are. If it really is like UWO med and is truly conservat
  3. Waitlist invites go out throughout the summer, so it's hard to predict right now. We should have an idea by the end of next week though when there's a surge. I'm hoping this is not a freak year where the waitlist goes less than 15 or something
  4. I don't think they would, but maybe they'd give you a very general idea or some other info?
  5. Hopefully the majority of waitlist invites will go out the day after deposits are due (June 2nd). Movement will probably be slow/minimal after that
  6. Ohh, they don't tell you anything in your letter. You have to email to figure out whether you're high/normal/low. Congrats!
  7. I'm on the high waitlist and didn't receive an offer. Troll post...?
  8. If wait list movement hasn't started yet, my best guess would be mid to end of next week?
  9. I would guess you're on the normal list unless they specifically said the "people in your position haven't gotten an offer" line. How many people do you guys think are on the high waitlist? They must have put fewer people on the high waitlist for a bit of a buffer, so if waitlist usually moves around 30, maybe 20 on the high waitlist??
  10. Result: Waitlist Interview: I thought it went well and I enjoyed the interview. Looking back, I could have had more structure to my questions to make sure I hit all the points. Year of study: Graduated ABS/PS: PM me! Hoping the waitlist starts moving soon
  11. First off, just receiving an interview means you're a competitive applicant and that's not going to change next year. If you stick to it, you will get in eventually and this will be a very minor blip in your life. Everyone will experience set backs, but all you can do is what Winnipeg9416 said, get hungry and motivated. How you bounce back will speak volumes to you as a person. It will take some time to feel better, but your life isn't on hold because you didn't get in this year, you're living life right now! Go plan a trip, go get a new skill, go reach out to friends and family. As we
  12. Does this course have a lab component? Just a heads up for UWO (needs to be a lab)
  13. Since that was most likely an anomaly, anyone have an estimation on waitlist movement based on past years?
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