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  1. Hey everyone! Looking for a couple people to share the cost of NEXTSTEP full-length access with. (If you currently have a valid account you're willing to sell/share, please also message me) Thanks!
  2. Hello! I would like to write the MCAT twice this summer. I'm already registered to write in mid-July but results won't be released til mid-August. Is it possible to book another test now and hold two dates at once? Or must I try to book after my first MCAT in July? Are August dates in the GTA typically full around then? Thanks!
  3. Suffering from LTMPID (life-threatening major post-interview disorder)
  4. pretty sure teachers make 50-90K (no summers +march break) plus a great pension for early retirement LOL
  5. why are schools still so competitive given A) high tuition and debt and interest rates and B ) saturation - would dental job field become that of teachers (B.Ed) ? ?
  6. I think people just couldn't find the facebook group. Bet many of them were original students accepted.
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