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  1. Hi, I'm starting at Schulich dent in the fall and I am looking for an experienced LOC advisr at a Toronto branch. I visited my local branch but they seemed a bit confused with the whole process. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for someone preferably in the York region or even downtown Toronto who might have worked with dental students fr Western or even UofT in the past. Thanks in advance!
  2. Accepted GPA: 88-89% IP/OOP: IP DAT (AA/RC): 21/20 Interview: Felt ok? Year of study: 5th year ABS/PS: research, lots of volunteering, shadowing
  3. Invite IP (BSc.) 2 YR GPA: 88.8% 20 RC ECs: Various types of activities, good amount of research, shadowing, spent a lot of time on essays
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