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  1. How many Maximum CU I can register in each term? Is there any limit of courses? Thanks in advance
  2. I have been accepted in college of Kinesiology for undergraduate degree my plan is to get into medicine any advice please and thanks in advance.
  3. As for as I know when you change institution only your Credits of those courses will be transferred and these credits will count towards your degree requirement but GPA of those credits is not counts toward your degree GPA.What ever rest of the courses you will study at institution B your degree GPA will be based on those GPA,
  4. I sent them email twice and got auto-reply that its busy time in the office check website for any info. I am wondering if some one had this experience. thanks in advance
  5. I live in the city of Lloydminster AB side permanently and planning to finish Undergraduate study from U of S would I be considered IP for MD admission at U of S? because my annual Tax filling address would be still in AB. What would be my status (IP or OOP) in U of A and U of C as I am away for 4-years for study? Is there any special rule for Lloydminster being a border city? Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you every one for your suggestions and comments. What do you think about Bachelor of Arts and Science Four-year (B.A.&Sc. Four-year) - Health Studies Is it right degree to get into Medical school? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi internationalstud How was your experience in selection of subjects? Please advise me i am in the same situation now, I am not sure which Major and Minor I should select. please and thankyou
  8. I am starting U of S in 20017, I need suggestion if someone can help me to tell which undergraduate degree would be best to get into medicine. I am thinking of Kinesiology or Physiology & Pharmacology. How easy is to get good marks in these subjects. How the different medical school look into these degrees. Thank you in advance.
  9. Where did you complete your undergraduate degree and what subjects did you take?
  10. Is any one had same situation like mine, where he has to withdraw the full term in any of his 4-years study due to valid reason ? How the medical school look into it? I am asking How withdrawal of one or two courses is consider different then withdrawal of a full term.
  11. passed 15 CU (5-Courses) 1st term Fall-2016 with 3.3 GPA. But Unfortunately have to withdraw (within dead line) from 2nd full term Winter-2017 (15 cu-5 courses) due to family emergency.I know it will show grade W against these 5-courses on Transcript. What would be the effect of this full-term withdrawal when apply to MD program
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