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  1. A spot will be opening up any day now for Dal OT as I have declined :) Good luck guys!
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply - I'm applying from Ontario, I honestly don't remember my subGPA as I threw out the stress-inducing pieces of paper with the calculations once I got my first confirmed offer. But I can tell you it wasn't on the high end of the spectrum.
  3. I was also waitlisted for MAC OT's Interview - at this point I've no doubt it's a rejection, because the last chance we would have heard from them for an interview was at end March Best of luck for the next round!
  4. Hey guys, any idea about waitlist movements for McGill OT QY since the Ontario school decisions went out?
  5. Does anyone know how big the BSc (OT) at McGill class is? Just curious to know how big the MScA class can get after the QY is done.
  6. I'm still interested if anyone has any input on this! - specifically in regards to what they like/dislike about the program, and/or why they chose it.
  7. For Dalhousie, I notice that a person who got waitlisted much later on got accepted rather than people waitlisted earlier. So Anonyme123’s theory is plausible.. I was also waitlisted for McGill last week and haven’t heard anything yet.
  8. Hey guys, is it accurate to estimate Dalhousie OT tuition for Canadians/PRs amounting to CAD31k for the 2 year program? I’m just surprised it’s so much more than some other programs. Im still on the waitlist for Dal OT
  9. Just curious - do all of you who have nominations, have at least functional competence in French? And if not, do you see that as a concern in doing the program? I ask because I'm just a beginner in the language myself and worried about being functionally communicative for the fieldwork portion if I happen to get in the program.
  10. I got waitlisted this morning too and asked if they could disclose how many people are on the waitlist but they said no =(
  11. @OTNL2019 Could you let us know how long you're given to accept the offer? I'm also still waiting to hear any news from them =/
  12. Hoping to have heard something by today but still no news from McGill..
  13. Yup same here : ( I didn't think I had much chance for Dal OT, but still can't help but hope when seeing news on admissions!
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