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  1. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone knows if you’ve applied before is your previous application looked at along with your current application? Also, if you ranked highly in one area, example top 10, is it fine to keep it relatively the same when reapplying? Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone for the advice! I really appreciate it. I’m going to give myself a few days to think it over but it sounds like it was most likely my interview that held me back and not my MCAT. It’s a relief to hear that I might not need to rewrite but also a bit worrisome that my interview could be my weakness! I felt the interview went well but I’m sure most applicants feel that way. Anyways, thanks!
  3. Hi guys! I need some advice about whether or not to rewrite the MCAT. I applied to UofC for the first time this year and was invited for an interview but was not accepted. I'm a mature applicant (27 years old) and I've worked in a hospital since graduating from University (Honours Psyc degree). My CARS score was low (125) but GPA is 3.98 and EC's are strong. Would you recommend rewriting the MCAT? I know the CARS score is the most important so that would be my focus but would it really be worth it? My biggest concern is rewriting and not improving or having PS/BS scores drop. Thank
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