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  1. 6 hours ago, Scrubadubdub said:

    Just checked and I GOT IN AT WESTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Started undergrad in 2011, 4 years  working now and away from school... I honestly felt so sad and dreadful yesterday anticipating an R or waitlist and couldn’t check until I woke up this morning 

    I can’t believe it you guys. Thank you all so much for being so supportive in this thread. I’m hoping for the best for each and everyone one of you!! 

    Awesome, I'm so happy happy for you!!!

  2. Result: Rejected

    Timestamp: 10:00 am

    wGPA/cGPA: 3.94/3.84

    MCAT: 516 (129/128/128/131)

    Interview: I've never felt great about an interview. This one felt average. One station was good, two were OK, one was terrible.

    Year: BSC. 2019

    Geography: IP

    This was my 3rd cycle, 6th interview, and 6th rejection, but I'm not giving up :) Congrats to everyone who got in. To everyone else still trying, we got this!

  3. 13 hours ago, Scrubadubdub said:

    haha thats a good plan! I KNOW I'm going to chicken out and not want to check at midnight for Western. I'm planning to sleep in so that I definitely don't have to wait for the e-mail in the morning, then in my still half asleep/half-awake mode just load my e-mail and have it pop up 

    Yeah getting the midnight Western waitlist icon and then having to wait for the waitlist rank email 9 hours later feels bad

  4. time Stamp: 1:04
    Result: Regrets
    GPA: 4.0
    MCAT: 516
    Current/Past Degree: BSc 2019
    Geography (IP/OOP):  OOP
    Extracurricular Activities score /16 (awards, achievements, volunteering, employmenct, research, etc.): 3/16 in 2019, 8/16 in 2020, ??? for this year. Got an interview at Queens.
    CASPer: Didn't get interviews at uOttawa with a 3.95 or mac with a 3.84/128, got a Queens interview. Who knows. 

  5. 10 hours ago, boymama20 said:

    It’ll be on your launchpad but you’ll get the email to your ualberta email notifying :)

    This is embarrassing but... Do you know where to find our uAlberta email adress? Is it a standardized firs name/last name format?

  6. Result: Invite 

    Time Stamp: 11:11

    cGPA/wGPA: 2-year - 3.965

    Year: B.Sc. 2019

    MCAT: 129/128/128/131

    ECs:  0-25th percentile for UBC. No other interviews at Ontario schools this cycle. Got Toronto, Western, and OOP Alberta last cycle. Very average - some research, clubs, volunteering, long-term employment, hobbies. 

    CASPer:  Didn't get uOttawa with 3.94 or Mac with 3.84/128. Didn't do snapshot. Not sure here. 

  7. 6 hours ago, premed1989 said:

    Thank you for your response. Does the weighting formula use the OMSAS GPA or the GPA calculated by the school? I'm guessing OMSAS or else what would be the point of calculating it if the school didn't use it but I just want to get clarification.

    The weighting formula for which school? In Ontario if you apply to all 5 schools, some applicants will have a different GPA at every single school. 

  8. 20 minutes ago, premed1989 said:

    Dr. Otter are you saying that the OMSAS GPA is simply reported and then schools do their own calculation? I spoke to admissions at Queens and was told they use the OMSAS GPA for their screening so in a way it does really count? Do you mind providing a reference I can read to confirm if you have one? Thanks!

    Your OMSAS GPA, the only one listed in OMSAS, is an unweighted cGPA. Other than Mac, All schools have their own weighting formulas. Therefore, the OMSAS GPA won't be the same as the weighted GPA used by UofT, Ottawa, Western, or Queens.  

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