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  1. University of Alberta doesn't use reference letters though? I think they just ask for for 2 references which they can call?
  2. It seems like there isn't a character limit imposed on the description part of the form. Is there a recommended character limit for descriptions? I've been copy-pasting over activities from OMSAS where there is a limit of 150 characters, should I stick with that? Thanks!
  3. Going along with this, do we still base our activities and 1500 word essay around Canmed competencies / UofT clusters, or does Dalhousie have specific values somewhere that they list as being more important to them?
  4. Even after reading the OMSAS sticky thread on entering research, I'm not sure what the best way is to structure my experiences. In 2016 I began volunteering in a lab, doing data entry for study #1 until 2017. From 2017 - Beginning of summer 2018, I was volunteering, collecting data with participants and entering it in for study #2. In summer 2018, I received a paid summer studentship award and worked on study #2, #3, and #4. An abstract for study #1 and #3 are being published in spring 2019, no other publications. This is all with the same lab + verifier. What's the best way to enter thi
  5. I have actually really enjoyed the volunteering experiences I've had. I never really felt pressured to volunteer in a hospital, it started as a way to complete high school volunteer hours and I continued ever since. What I'm worried about is that, even though I enjoy the volunteering and its meaningful to me, that it doesn't show enough diversity in my character.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a second year premed student looking to apply to medical school at the end of my 4th year. As far as ECs go, how important is diversity? Almost all of my ECs are based at hospitals, pretty much no on-campus clubs. Is getting on a club exec/leadership crucial? My current ECs are as follows: ~250 hours volunteering at a local hospital, there's a mix of direct one on one patient contact and administrative duties (Around 60 hours a summer since summer of grade 9) ~100 hours volunteering with a dementia patient in a long term care facility one on one and recording information abo
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