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  1. I read CMAJ and CBC Health articles every day for months, and took notes on all the controversial and topical health issues in Canada. Pros and cons for MAID / forcing referrals / doctor strikes etc. I had studied and was prepared for the ethical / health type questions I got in the interview. I practiced staring into my webcam, recording myself answer questions, and looking at my body language to try and get better at the soft skills. I'm at a loss of how to move forward at this point.
  2. As a rejected OOP its hard to not feel like this is accurate
  3. Hey, I feel this. Last year I practiced mostly by myself, and looking back the content of my answers was lacking. I got rejected post-interview. This year, I practiced for like 6 weeks straight with med students, other med applicants, friends / family etc. I felt confident in the interview, prepared with answers for most of the questions asked, and practiced for a total of probably about 150 hours. I got low-waitlist at western and rejected from two other schools. Not super sure what to change moving forward..
  4. I got rejected post-interview, but when I did the breakdown from the AFMC data, it seemed as if out of the 60 "extra" offers given, about 33 of them were from cycling through OOP people. There were 57 OOP acceptances given in 2019, but only 24 OOP in the class. That would mean there were about 27 "extra" IP acceptances given, from the 60 total surplus. Whether the "extra" offers are from WL or a surplus of acceptances, I'm not sure. That being said, things may be quite different this year - There were quite a lot of OOP rejections posted on the forums, much more than previous years. Its possib
  5. Exact same feeling, and outcome for me. We'll get it next cycle
  6. Yeah same. Rejected last year, thought this interview went a lot better, and was low waitlisted.
  7. It may feel that way now, but I guarantee you aren't the only one. People generally don't like to post bad news online, especially if they feel alone. There are always very few low WL and rejection posts for Western for some reason.
  8. Yeah, after I made a post I had a couple of people DM me that they had gotten rejected, there are def a lot more than you would think. Good luck getting off the WL this year!!!
  9. Result: Low Waitlist (Unspecified campus) Timestamp: 10:45 AM 2-year GPA: 3.96 MCAT: 129/128/128 Interview: Online Year: BSc. 2019 Geography: Non-SWOMEN
  10. @anonymouspanda Last year I think I was the only person to post a rejection. It can be tough, especially at a school like Western that directly rejects a smaller amount of applicants due to some getting low waitlist.
  11. Just got it, looks like normal "Although you were not ranked to receive an offer at this time, it was recommended that your name be placed on our Wait List. In recent years, applicants in your position on the Wait List have not received an offer of admission. While there are no certainties, we wanted to communicate this information to you to allow you to be as informed as possible in making decisions about your future."
  12. Result: Rejected Timestamp: 8:53 wGPA/cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 516 ECs: Standard - Interviewed at Alberta OOP and Western Essays: 2 weeks Interview: 2 stations were average, 2 were 0 iq garbage In-person or Virtual: Virtual Year: BSc. Gap year Geography: IP
  13. It's 9:45 and still no email so that would be a yikes from me
  14. I know people who have already received high and middle waitlist emails, hoping this doesn't mean what I think it means..
  15. I thought this last year, and felt suuuuuper bad when I was rejected because of it. Western rejects people, if you got rejected don't feel too bad, you are not the only one. (edit - not you specifically, anyone reading this.)
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