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  1. Nope, I'm not necessarily saying that all 24OOP initially rejected the offer. But at least some of them did, and some of the WL acceptances must have rejected their offers as well. If my math is wrong I would be happy to have it corrected.
  2. You can't assume that, its not how it works. There is always more OOP WL movement than IP WL movement proportionately.
  3. Total Acceptances = IP acceptances + OOP acceptances IP acceptances = (IP applicants)(IP success rate) OOP acceptances = ( OOP applicants)(OOP success rate) 220 = IP acceptances + OOP acceptances 220 = (IP applicants)(IP success rate) + (OOP applicants)(OOP success rate) 220 = (IP applicants)(0.202) + (OOP applicants)(0.073) 220 = (IP applicants)(0.202) + ((Total applicants - IP applicants)(0.073)) 220 = (IP applicants)(0.202) + ((1584 - IP applicants)(0.073)) IP applicants = 809.05 = 809 OOP applicants = 1584 - 809 = 775 IP acceptances
  4. The website says that for the class of 2023, 87.5% of the OOP class was female and 12.5% of the OOP class was male. # Male OOP in the class = (0.125)(24) = 3 # Female OOP in the class = (0.875)(24) =21 3:21 is a 1:7 ratio. We know that 85% of the class is for IP acceptances, so a max of 15% is for OOP acceptances. 15% of 162 is 24.3, so 24 spots for OOP would fall just under the 15% threshold
  5. This is a 1:7 ratio, not a 1:8 ratio. We know that 12.5% of the class is male and 87.5% of the class is female. This corresponds to 3/24 male (12.5%), and 21/24 female (87.5%). From the AFMC we know total number of applicants = 1584, total number of offers (accepted, declined, deffered) = 220, and we know the success rate by IP/OOP/Total. Using this, you can figure out that the total number of offers given IP was 163, and the total number of offers given OOP was 57.
  6. If my algebra is correct, last year there were 163 acceptances given out to IP and 57 given to OOP. There were 76 OOP interviews, so there was a 75% chance of getting accepted OOP.
  7. It looks like 220 acceptances for 162 spots, so 58WL movement total last year.
  8. Does anyone have thoughts as to how many total OOP acceptances are given, including offers rejected? I would imagine OOP WL moves relatively more than the IP WL, but does anyone know if the actual stats are available?
  9. Uh oh this doesn't bode well for UAlberta seats either..
  10. I believe waitlists are nothing but then they turn into a yellow circle
  11. Last year it showed Acceptances and Rejects at midnight. I was lucky enough to log on at 12:01am and see a big X indicating a rejection. This was for Western though. I believe acceptance was a green checkmark and it says "offer"
  12. I too would like to know what page I should be refreshing every 18 seconds
  13. UBC decides who gets interviews based on a score out of 100. 50% of this score is made up by your GPA, and 50% of the score is made up by your ECs (duration, responsabilities, variety, progression etc.). When added together, your score must pass a threshold in order to receive an interview. The threshold is higher for OOP applicants than for IP applicants.
  14. Instead of looking at OOP acceptance rates, just make a list of all schools you are eligible for and start there. Technically Memorial University, University of Saskatchewan and University of Manitoba all take OOP, but your MCAT needs to be like 520+. UBC requires 2 English courses to apply, and you need a higher GPA + EC score to get an interview as an OOP. Alberta and Calgary have GPA and MCAT requirements for OOP and are EC heavy. Dalhousie can be good to apply OOP but only if you have a maritime connection. You can apply to pretty much all the Ontario schools because Ontario is a cha
  15. I haven't heard anything about this and I interviewed at Western and have been following the forums pretty regularly.
  16. ??????? Last cycle, at midnight on may 14th people were able to see their results. Are you talking about that?
  17. Hey, I had an interview as OOP this year. Not sure what my EC score is, but I have 128 CARS with 516 total, 4.00 GPA, and my Casper was not good enough for a Mac invite with 128 CARS and 3.84 cGPA. I got a couple of interviews at EC heavy schools though. Pretty surprised as my EC score last year was 3/16..
  18. You could email or call them, but as far as I know the last set of scheduled interviews happened this past weekend.
  19. My interviewer actually started the interview by saying "You may see some of us circling taking notes more than others, but this has no bearing on how your interview is going", or something to that effect.
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