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    theevilsloth reacted to apple94 in The HOLY GRAIL of Casper Preparation - A Definitive Guide to Acing Casper   
    Ironically that comment shows that you lack something personality wise.
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    theevilsloth reacted to LostLamb in GPA?   
    This will be rounded to the lowest whole integer, so it will be 3.00.
    seriously, it doesn’t matter. It’ll probably be higher than 90+ % of applicants and hopefully the rest of your application is similarly strong. Don’t expend any more cognitive energy on this question. Have fun and sleep well at night. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to Rabeprazole in GPA?   
    Surprisingly, OMSAS actually does what is called in academia: a hard round down, so you'd end up with a 3.90. I'm sorry for your loss. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to aloeplant in Bear tracks application status: This application Requires Action   
    They received it early September. Mine says initiated too, but under the box there's a line that says received transcript indicating term 1 and 2 registration.
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    theevilsloth reacted to TheApiarist in .   
    Personally, I think experiences, hobbies, and passions are more important than academic awards.
    Two cycles ago, my Awards section was filled with major scholarships. Last cycle, I didn't include any of them in my Life Experiences section.
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    theevilsloth reacted to Bambi in .   
    Individual activities are important and mold your character! Assuming your academic achievements during undergrad are competitive, this speaks for itself and I would go with the activities you mention. Good luck!
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    theevilsloth reacted to WunderBar in 2019-2020 UofT MD Essay Topics   
    Do all of these essays have to be verifiable? Or would you only need to verify them if you reference an organized activity as part of your response? I would find it strange to try to find a verifier for the "uncomfortable conversations" I've had in my life. I would say that the my strongest experiences in that category were fairly privileged conversations, for instance. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to laminabasalis in Help with your activity descriptions   
    Hi premeds!  
    Since the 2019/2020 application has opened and many of you are already thinking about it or have already started, I wanted to offer some advice to improve your application, specifically your NAQ. For context, I received a post-interview regrets with a below average NAQ in 2017/18. For the 2018/2019 application cycle, I focused on fixing up my activity descriptions and I was accepted to my first choice!! This forum has been really helpful over the past two years so I wanted to give something back. 
    Some tips when you are writing your activity descriptions: 
    Verbs > Adverbs: find verbs that highlight your accomplishments and responsibilities. Adverbs don't add much weight to a sentence (they're not necessary) and they take up your character count.  Be specific! Use numbers, names, places - anything that solidifies your experience and provides some context. Specific stick in the reviewer's brain more than vague and wishy-washy statements.  Pick your most important responsibilities from each activity - use the characters you have to highlight the most impactful accomplishments rather than making a list of everything you did.  If you have room, talk about the impact it had on you or the community (this will depend on what activity you are describing).  I hope these help!! 
    I'll be offering one-on-one help to a few people over the summer so feel free to DM me! Good luck to you all, you've got this!! 
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    theevilsloth reacted to bruh in UOttawa med wGPA stats   
    Is there any consensus on how GPA is used pre-interview at Ottawa? I remember @Donald_Duck saying it’s 50% GPA and 50% CASPer, but on ottawa’s admission page it says “applicants are selected for interviews based on the minimum wGPA set for the applicant pool and results of non-academic assessments”. Also on their main admission page it says the following:
    Admissions facts for the 2018 application cycle:
    Number of applicants: 4,293 Number of students who met excellence of marks: 2,142 this makes me think that GPA is not used competitively pre interview!
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    theevilsloth reacted to anonymouspls in GPA chance   
    troll post?
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    theevilsloth reacted to MashedPotato in Support group for post-interview rejects   
    I also got rejected post interview and I had only one interview this year. It took me a long time to put myself back together after that rejection. I even avoided this forum for a while. So I completely understand you pain. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to TRU1243 in TRU-OL/Athabasca/UBC   
    Also, does it matter if you finish the course for Athabasca in 4 months or 6 months for Med applications? Or as long as you get it done it doesn't matter?
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    theevilsloth reacted to erythrocyte in UofT- Changes to the Admissions Process   
    I don't think that's the real reason people don't apply either. 
    Ottawa needs a high wGPA (typically >3.9 for English stream) to even be considered and they still receive ~5000 applications. Sure they don't have the MCAT, however, 125 in each section is 50th percentile, so it's not the most competitive MCAT score compared to schools like Western. 
    I really think the reason why people don't apply to UoT is truly because they don't want to write essays lol. I'm interested in finding out the difference in applications received to Western this year vs. last year because of the addition of the aABS.
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    theevilsloth reacted to apple94 in OMSAS reference letters stopped?!   
    Great change. Reference letters are the stupidest part of this whole process. Absolutely no objectivity nor standardization across applicants.
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    theevilsloth reacted to WunderBar in OMSAS reference letters stopped?!   
    I just called the OUAC to try to confirm this, and the gent who answered said that I would have to "contact the schools individually" to determine whether  they will require written letters. He didn't seem to want to elaborate on it much. Strange. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to Calypsoo in OMSAS reference letters stopped?!   
    Can someone comment/provide more information on this? https://twitter.com/drsoup09/status/1135929438032617472
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    theevilsloth reacted to Calypsoo in OMSAS reference letters stopped?!   
    Can someone comment/provide more information on this? https://twitter.com/drsoup09/status/1135929438032617472
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from xyzz in .   
    Western won't let you apply in the middle of a masters. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to DrNan in Rejected/waitlisted after 5 interviews and it feels bad   
    I am so sorry to hear that. I felt the agony while reading your post and am truly sorry that you feel this way. I am in the same boat as you. I have been rejected post interview twice however, I only applied to Mcgill medicine. I know the stingy feeling and the doubts we have that maybe medicine isn't for me if so many doors close on you. I have thought this through as well and I know have the potential to be a great doctor however, I noticed a similar pattern in my post interviews. People who I thought didn't have a chance to get in, actually got in and people who I thought were def in, didn't. I reflected on this more since this was a continuous pattern. I  realized that the people who I thought were 100% in were the ones who had a very understanding, kind and genuine personality and these are the qualities that are def needed to be a doctor. however, it seems like the interview process likes people who are cut throat just go go type people, sometimes almost inconsiderate of others feelings and basing everything on facts. I am by no means saying these people who got in went in medicine for the wrong reasons, I'm sure they did but I find after reapplying several times, people do turn cold to this process. it is no longer about doing medicine for humanity but rather doing it for the sake of getting in because you've tried so many times and its a dream career. I actually lost a very close friend of mine in this process who I felt used me to get insiders of the interview process and lied on every occasion when I asked if you are applying to med. I would have helped her for the MMI process myself if I knew she was applying but she was using my constant two years failures to her success and got in!
    I myself am questioning if I have to become stone cold person especially because I am am empathetic person and by empathetic I mean, I literally feel others pain and am too selfless. I tend to put others before me on every occasion which makes me think isn't maybe they're looking for. in my opinion thats what a good doctor should do but maybe were supposed to be very factual, less emotionless people. You might have different thoughts on this however, just wanted to give my input; rationalize this daunty process and empathize with you. 
    I hope you feel better, if its something you really want, just reapply again so you don't have regrets later in life that you didn't push all the way through. find your weaknesses by looking at the applicants who got in, see what they have which might be a trait you may not possess. For example, I know am not an assertive person, I tend to understand others points a lot and compromise which is something I need to work on. Finally, if it doesn't work out, then maybe it is what it is and just move on! but don't give up too fast, a consensus is to reapply 3-4 times before actually getting in! 
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    theevilsloth reacted to Rabeprazole in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    As the application system has changed for Western, so should the way these are reported. There needs to be a greater emphasis on ECs reported as they now have become a greater factor in getting into this school.
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    theevilsloth reacted to anonymouspls in Anyone else get flat out rejected?   
    It's clear to me by the number of people that have received rejections that the process has changed completely for Western. They no longer just waitlist everyone, so if you received a rejection, don't think you're some sort of abomination that scared them. You were probably just a few percentiles below the people who got accepted and waitlisted, but we're talking about such a competitive pool that it's nothing to be ashamed about. Just keep grinding and you'll get there. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to sadhooman in Anyone else get flat out rejected?   
    Hey I just made an account but unfortunately me too. E-mail was sent out at 9:04am but I saw my rejection last night on student centre. Been taking time to process what's next... I'll PM you
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from Medfool25 in Waitlist Tier Email Wording?   
    I believe they changed it as they give out actual rejections now (me), not just low waitlist. So I wouldn't worry. 
  24. Thanks
    theevilsloth got a reaction from unduhkuvahbruddah in Waitlist Tier Email Wording?   
    I believe they changed it as they give out actual rejections now (me), not just low waitlist. So I wouldn't worry. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to PotatoPotato in May 14 Countdown   
    Less than 3 weeks to go

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