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    theevilsloth got a reaction from pelican37 in Calculated GPA too high?   
    Nope I'm an OOP Ontario applicant. It says it can take until January tho
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    theevilsloth reacted to freewheeler in what were some personal questions that the CASPR asked you about?   
    The questions were more about what religion you are, how much money your parents make and stuff like that.
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    theevilsloth reacted to anonymouspls in OMSAS submission in september question?? Late in the cycle??   
    You're confusing OMSAS with AMCAS 
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from obiwankenobi in Official "What are my chances for McMaster" Thread   
    People applying to OOP schools (Dalhousie for example) need to take it earlier. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to robclem21 in When did you know you were ready for CARS?   
    When you do 100 consecutive passages without getting any questions wrong. Then and only then should you write the MCAT.
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    theevilsloth reacted to Intrepid86 in Very Low GPA   
    Going abroad is not a good idea here. The OP has a GPA well below that of even an average university student, without an upward trend, or a single year above 3.7. Entering an IMG pathway where success ultimately depends on performing equal (and usually better) than a typical Canadian or US medical student is not likely to end well. Right now, for this particular person, going abroad likely means attrition and debt. This isn't hater talk. This is real, and something that needs to be said.
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    theevilsloth reacted to Bambi in Extra Curricular Diversity   
    You are fine. Long term commitment is important. You have shown commitment, empathy, compassion, communication skills, you are contributing to your community. Playing in a band demonstrates development of expertise as well. And retail sales is great too. Everybody comes to the table with their own experiences. Good luck!
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