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  1. Ha have to be careful with that argument - they are going to say ok fine, don't pay for it. While you are at it then don't charge me taxes for health care services you will no longer be providing. I assure you there will be a long line up of people that will sign up for that one. There is a point in a society where the balance tips to protecting the community at large and individuals hit boundaries in their personal freedoms. Where that is exactly is up to particular societies, but usually basic precautions against so say large plagues would fit into that. Freedom of choice is not absolu
  2. ha, general practise is - and body fellowship would probably be the most common fellowship. It is interesting that the fellowships that basically are general radiology - of which there are some great programs - are not as utilized as much as I think they should be. Yeah that is often the best approach - you can never get away from the luck aspect in this at all. Right or wrong just doing what you want to do was basically my approach. I was again lucky that worked out smoothly as it really easily could have blown up. In neuro rads in particular I have had some people really drift for a bi
  3. No one in anything will be able to tell you more than say 1.5 years in advance anything regarding their centre and the job situation. The current situation is a good example of why - surprises happen and it impacts staffing. Assuming steady volumes then someone has to retire for a new person to be brought on. It is not an advantage for someone to announce retirement years and years in advance - they may decide to stay after all, and there is no upside to it. If you don't know who is leaving, you won't know who is coming on. On top of that volumes are not steady state, but can change making it
  4. Ha immediately after we have a general request to calm things down we have even more generalized angry posts. I have hide them for now in further hopes to deescalate. To be clear anyone can ask anything about anything relevant to these professional school admissions, and in all cases we try to maintain a supportive attitude on the forum. That means from time to time people with "perfect stats" may ask questions or express doubts - that is fine as in particular people with great states routinely don't get into so it wouldn't be surprising if they wanted to ask questions/clarify things. E
  5. there are - usually the provincial union is the first stop - have you talked with them yet? They are the group that deal with this sort of stuff most often. hopefully it is nothing of course!
  6. Yup, over time it seems they are merging! There is a good chance the royal college at some point will be more accommodating. It seems unlikely we are going to be moving backyards here.
  7. yes for this exact reason. Either way it can be a bit complex but having a pathway that will lead back that is much more available is a better option. There is a ton of time/expense involved - far too much to take unnecessary risks.
  8. This is one of those no downside in pure logical terms with possible no matter how remote upside. They only cost is you may get a formal rejection at some point of course and for some that can be psychologically damaging - I don't want to dismiss that of course - but still in life when you get into this relatively no risk possible gain situations you have to just do it really and hope for the best while preparing for the next stage regardless.
  9. Ha, ok I just laughed. Man I just cannot escape this debate even when surrounded by people dying from this bloody virus. I have the great joy of reading all the ICU films every day from my hospital prior to their morning rounds. People think radiologists don't have the same sort of patient relationships - which can be true - but on the other hand I have personally seen radiographically each person who died from this slowly degrade over and over again one plain film at a time going through the same process each time for unending months, and I know they reach terminal point when I just sto
  10. Hey there - I can try to answer that. First point I guess is in Canada neuroradiology fellowship is not really a classic fellowship - it is actually another residency program. Thus you are actually still under the provincial union rules, and it has stricter rules etc. You will notice the royal college actually calls someone doing this a resident rather than a fellow. It is very similar to fellowships that internal medicine doctors can do post their initial core training. This is different than the US where it is a true fellowship. It also has just like the internal medicine fellowships a
  11. Nope not really, and the amount of ECs even for school that care about such things would be low to hit any imaginable thresholds. It certainly wouldn't impact it as much as say not mastering the material enough to get great LORs and elective experience. It is annoying that even at the med school level there is take that ECs should be something more than what they were originally supposed to be - activities you take for personal enjoyment or growth rather than yet another vector of evaluation (and this is coming from someone who was highly active in ECs in med school ha. ). Als
  12. ok that is a nuts turn around time - they have to fix that
  13. man that can create such an arms race. Eventually you end up with people routinely doing it and just stretching things out even further.
  14. good luck of course, I really hope you get something closer to what you wanted in the end. The carms musical chairs game is frustrating.
  15. For the later question the common CV often makes that obvious (at least historically) as you are probably aware but just to state it. You didn't do a large number of plastics electives, have plastics research.......without there being a high probability you want plastics. You may be willing to also do FM (for some that is settling for FM, for others they really would be happy doing it about as much as the other thing they also were looking at) but you cannot easily hide the ground work for all the other field you were looking at. Plus most people by temperament that want plastics classically a
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