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  1. ha now there is an oddly advanced topic question Legal advice required indeed - although a marriage contract can sort out a lot of different things that you mention.
  2. ha been volatile! Still rates now by historical standards are very low.
  3. yup - there are a lot of people out there with high GPA etc. That makes a large pool of people, and with that many people applying luck helps. The subjective parts - which annoy some people because they cannot be exactly defined and optimized - are truly important.
  4. good to know! It was always a stupid rule when it was in place.
  5. I have never seen a residency program actually need to start - which is why that exam which has a non-zero failure rate isn't talked about in horrible terms ha (imagine if 5% of all resident had their start time delayed because of that exam for instance - it would be CARMS all over again). I have heard of some med schools that required it to pass their programs but that is separate from residency itself.
  6. Other than the fact that I think he is still in jail there is no way in hell any licensing body would grant him permission to practise......and rightly so.
  7. that is odd and not consistent with anyone else I know. I still have the same LOC format and no one as of yet has asked to convert that etc. Many people I know just have equivalent professional LOCs after a bit - same rate, amount and structure. If they are trying to do that people will just walk over to someone else.
  8. they can help but I would suggest also working through this on your own. MD Financial have useful things, although speaking from experience you need to be careful - they are just another corporate profit centre (now owned by Scotia). They aren't special in any way really and historically have done a lot of damage. They are only "free" because they are trying to rope you into high cost investment plans down the line which is their primary profit source historically. usually math wise it make sense to pay it off although I have to compute it each year. The tax savings don't equal (even
  9. yes, I got one in first year - it was based in part on future income, and the med student debit didn't seem to be factored in. They do have to obey 20% downpayment rules for mortgage insurance purposes. Indirectly that money has often come from the LOC (you can save 100% of the downpayment from your partners income, and use the LOC for all expenses for instance - a bunch of combinations like that are there). I started at the same bank as my LOC as they understand medical students etc. You don't want to be lumped into the same category as other people etc.
  10. yeah issue is residency acting like cement in terms of what you can do. Family medicine is very flexible but other than that you are pretty much locked in with a 2-6 year retraining time to do something else.
  11. ahhhh, wow. That would be my first impressions. No internal left - I mean none? Two surgery spots in Cardiac/Vascular? This looks painful.
  12. man I told people not to over refresh - but in seriously I lived through that in my year, it isn't fun. Hope it is back
  13. ha you people are giving me flashbacks of pain here - Getting close! I am expecting a lot of good new soon
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