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  1. that is often in part is to see if you researched/know their program at all. If you don't that say something about you as an applicant.
  2. you can also has that because again you may be more rural based and may have multiple roles you are considering possibly an emerg component - emerg in most places in Canada have to read x rays when rads is not around which in some cases literally most of the time (evenings, overnight, weekends and holidays.....). It becomes a required job skill (at least until we as a field force ourselves to do it - which we are working on ha. ER radiology!)
  3. Ha summing up all of CARMS is almost like summing the entire set of all possible job interviews in any industry and trying to draw some kind of broad conclusion. It isn't really a question that makes sense even if it is a natural question to ask. You can ask ok for this program at this school what do they do and what is important. Beyond that this it gets really vague, really fast. This is all the price for the subjective system we set up - which has some advantages for sure - but this is the cost down the line. It is fuzzy, random, and unpredictable. That is uncomfortable . The so
  4. worse than what they think is what you think ( and you have already stated what you think). which mean it could be an issue - thinking something about yourself is off can have you behave in a way that actually does weaken your chances (which has been studied to death in psychology ha). Not sure what to do about it mind you - the situation right now is what it is. Ha, and as staff I will say I am starting to look like a member of a 60s rock band at this point. That isn't going to change anytime soon.
  5. Ha - that is my point I guess - I am not sure the government even thinks there is anything that needs fixing.
  6. True - the more I see of this the more cautious I get. Plus if you hate family that isn't obviously the only option . Say like internal - which in theory at least would even let you potentially switch to another 5 year problem. Not that you should plan on that of course. No back up is guaranteed but if you build that into your plan you can significantly boost your chances. Ideally no backup should be some last minute style thought - better to know you are backing up in some areas early enough to get proper LORs while on service etc and to make sure that you would be willing to go into that fie
  7. Yes that is true - there is a push and pull on whether to backup or not, and above is the question. Never rank anything you wouldn't want to do for the rest of your life, but also there is no reason not to rank somewhere something you would be willing to do either (even if again it is ranked at the rock bottom of your choices). The second round has never been a good place to be, and it has only become less so over time.
  8. and before I forget ha! - we will try to keep the thread clean and have discussion in the other threads
  9. TIME STAMP: Result: Interview (MD) GPA: MCAT: ECs: Essays: Year:
  10. yup - don't mess with the rules in this case. You would be surprised out picky people can be.
  11. Hey - first of good luck! So I should ask - will you or will you not apply to family programs in round 2 if you don't get anything in round 1? I think if at all possible you have to answer that question now. Because if you would, then there little no reason not to do it in first round - you would just rank all your family medicine sites dead last in your rank order. The only way you would ever be considered for family medicine then is if you would already completely rejected from all surgery programs you are targeting. The difference is you would dramatically increase the odds of ge
  12. seems logical - particular as they have used the ABS for quite some time prior to CASPER, and believed in it enough to reject for interview people that hit their GPA cut off.
  13. even if they have some plan they would at least have a marketing issue now because there is no longer any certainty. If the board already have issues with SGU, and Grenada certifies them, then by proxy you would have to think that the board would also have issues with certifying Grenada directly. Accreditation programs aren't a fan of back door style approaches to bypassing things. Plus paying a ton of money riding on that working out perfectly? Doesn't seem logical (plus you of course would have to wonder why is certification so hard for SGU in the first place - maybe there are serious
  14. depends on what rotation you are on as you mention. I wore scrubs mostly when I was on surgery rotations. The rest was more business casual attire.
  15. oh and they may ask for a deposit on the scrubs (which you will get back.....IF you remember to claim it and ha don't lose any)
  16. as a med student you never are in my experience. They will be provided for clinical work at least. I still found them useful for things (like anatomy lab just to start with).
  17. Yup - of course they want the exceptional (whatever that is - and it is not easy to define). As always focus on what you can control - doing anything else is a distraction. We have on purpose created a subjective system and that will always create some unpredictable results. You can still control how hard you work, apply as broadly as you can, and selectively backup with things if that works with your particular circumstances. CARMS is and will always be very stressful - we have made it even more stressful I think even over time. Most people still get something they want in the end mind
  18. There are some - well and everywhere else. Still we want a supportive environment here while also providing fair evaluations of things even that evaluation isn't particularly positive).
  19. good evening! You would be provided with them but perhaps not in the numbers you may be used to. There are a lot of scrub machines with a 2 max limit - which in theory is fine, but the annoyance if you somehow misplace a top is annoying to say the least. Plus it is very annoying when they run out of your size for some reason I actually got my own on top of the ones provided for that reason, which was useful I think. Some definitely kept it up as they could still work if they wanted - it is a nice safety position to have. Most of the time you don't work just for money as a med studen
  20. well you start by not thinking you are an average medical student or perhaps better to remember an average medical student is a pretty awesome student (imagine you went around saying something like that in other areas - oh he is just an average Olympic swimmer, or average mountain climber and so on....technically true perhaps but not really giving you the right picture and definitely not the right attitude). Probably boils down to thinking that programs are looking for the same basic things Are you smart? Are you hard working? Are you not a jerk? Are you actually interested in the field
  21. From an academic point of view it is odd there is no record on the transcript. I mean that is the record basically and if it is not there there there is no record. I suppose minor would mean different things - and the scope of that means would vary. obviously if you don't answer the question truthfully it introduces potential revokable offence on your application if it ultimately truly was an academic offense. Any offense like that would reduce your chances of admissions. this is the issue with schools doing weird things and not standardizing responses to things. Either things are
  22. Ha, yeah it is annoying - I get it though. I mean they don't really have that much to work with in terms of separating out a sea of excellent looking candidates.
  23. Not for Ottawa - although you would have to be careful potentially for other schools (you would have to explain to TO for instance why you took a shorter year if you what to use the wGPA policy).Médicomage is quite right about the specific to Ottawa issues. Absolutely nothing wrong about doing a psychology degree and going into medicine, you just have to keep up the GPA (the essays in years 3 and 4 can make that more challenging I find). I am biased of course as one of my degrees is in psychology. Actually can give you a leg up on parts of the MCAT that many people struggle with.
  24. Nope also that raises an important point - it's like med school admissions all over again. Sure knowing the odds can be emotionally satisfying (some kind of certainty > uncertainty) but it shouldn't change the approach really. No real cost to apply, and a non-zero chance of success. Another cannot lose, but might win type of thing. In life those are rare - and usually that is a sign to go for it.
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