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  1. people who have heard back are probably not hanging around the forums...
  2. Hi all, I know this thread is aging, but I was wondering if anyone could confirm - is an Atlantic bridge student with EU Citizenship eligible to complete intern year/residency in the uk without being descriminated against as a ‘second tier’ EU citizen? Not sure how brexit could effect this either..
  3. Is 80k the cost? Is tuition simply the international tuition on the individual university websites, or is there a different tuition through Atlantic bridge?
  4. where do I find my OMSAS T number?????
  5. Are grad students traditionally interviewed on the last weekend? not sure how to feel as a grad student who hasnt heard anything yet :/
  6. Based on what information? Be careful of contributing to misinformation. As per UofT Website: One confidential letter of reference from your graduate supervisor* submitted to OMSAS. This letter must be accompanied by the Graduate Supervisor Form. Graduate supervisors must submit the letters online. Please access the Referees section of your OMSAS application to arrange to send the Graduate Supervisor Form and letter request to your graduate supervisor. This letter must be received by OMSAS by October 2, 2017. This letter should include details of your: (expected) graduate de
  7. but evaluated in the grad pool or evaluated in the undergrad pool? So unclear how they might measure productivity in the absence of a first author pub.... do we think the supervisor's additional letter is high value? :/
  8. McMaster: GPA, CARS, CASPER. Ace two. Dont listen to haters. Mac posts the frequency of individuals with each CARS score that are accepted. Take a look. Keep in mind that lower scores probably have higher GPA and Casper. Not to mention, other schools have weighted formulas that may benefit you. And nobody has seen your ECs. So seriously, ignore haters.
  9. probably related to Western's strict 130 CARS cut off last year.
  10. not sure... but doesnt queen's have a sequential process with cut offs?
  11. we are practically MCAT twins - and i just wanted to say, I understand the pain of considering a rewrite because of 126 CARS. Good luck to you!
  12. any idea how 'satisfactory' is defined? Or whether the degree needs to be defended by the time of application?
  13. in province at Manitoba? Rock the MCAT. keep applying every year while you work on your GPA. Remember, there will always be applicants with high GPAs and lower MCATs, so if you can rock the MCAT I dont see why you wouldnt have a solid chance!
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