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  1. Yes, I believe it has gone even as far as 20+ a few years ago.
  2. I posted this on another thread as well (can't remember which one now), but I believe it moved to #8, with rank #9 being shown on the McGill website as the next potential offer. Last year the OOP waitlist movement was on the weaker end. In previous years it has hit double digits (10+), but every year is so different that it would be hard to predict how it will move this year. Good luck to those waiting!
  3. I recall it saying: "Next potential offer to #9" for the OOP waitlist last year.
  4. I had very similar stats as you, in both GPA and MCAT. I decided not to submit my MCAT however (personal choice). I would highly recommend that you prep hard for the CASPer and submit an application. I didn't think I had a shot, but got offered an interview as an OOP. There are too many variables for one to predict whether it's "worth" applying - especially for McGill who looks at an applicant holistically.
  5. Hi fellow McGill Meds, I am an OOP student who will be joining the McGill Med class of 2022. I was looking for places near the McGill campus to rent and wanted to room with another Med-1 student. If you are interested in looking for a place together, or have already found a place and need another roommate, please feel free to message me . I have already found a few places that we can discuss/check-out!
  6. They are starting their Med-4 this fall, so I can't speak for the matching yet. Although, I am sure that information exists somewhere for previous years - perhaps try contacting admissions and they can guide you.
  7. Congrats on getting into so many schools - not something a lot of pre-meds get to say!! If the quoted is actually what you want to do in the future, shouldn't you really be asking yourself two questions: 1) If I study in an Ontario school, do I have an advantage of getting an Ontario residency? 2) If I study at McGill med, do I have an advantage of getting an Ontario residency? As Jfourn mentioned, with matching getting scarier with every passing year, wouldn't one want to set themselves up with any advantage (regardless of how small or big it is) they can right from the ge
  8. Dear God, a 528 ... ... .... .... .... . So when is Harvard getting back to you? lol As others have said, it is a mix of having a good application and luck to land an interview at McGill as OOP. This year you had to beat ~860 candidates to land an interview - that's a lot of 3.9s and 4.0s. And even from this interviewed group, only 10 get selected (albeit the waitlist almost moves a fair bit historically speaking). I think someone pointed out in another thread that the international applicant pool had a better chance statistically getting a McGill seat than OOP. From what I noticed,
  9. Found this table that tracked the IP movement waitlist in 2016. This year is actually doing a little better, which is nice considering there are fewer spots. #5 in mid-April is a good sign, and I think it's safe to assume there will be more movement when Ontario schools and French schools release results, and when deferral requests get processed Hang in there! Does anyone have thoughts on the current OOP waitlist. I knew that there wasn't going to be any major movement until mid-May but I thought that based on 2016 trend, there would be something happening in April. But it is still
  10. Does the status on Decision say: "Name confirmed on waiting list" for those who accepted the waitlist offer?
  11. You should definitely hold your head high! I am sorry to hear about the final outcome. Remember, you have made it so far in the process! Take some time to be around loved ones right now and when you are feeling a bit better, reflect on your interview. See how you can improve for next year. I can see how badly you want this, so I know you will not give up until you make it happen.
  12. I hope you are right! I want to feel happy but I will do so when the acceptance PDF/letter comes in. Congrats to you as well!
  13. OOP, Waitlisted, 3.96 or 4.0 GPA based on what they took, didn't submit MCAT.
  14. Same here - but I see some OOPs on this thread already getting accepted. Stress levels are through the roof right now. Mine still says "Further Review Required".
  15. First time posting on this thread, but I have been following it since it was created. People often tell me to not go on premed101, but I have strangely found comfort in reading the posts here because it showed me how many of us are on the same ship and feeling the same things. So I thought I'd share some of my recent experiences. As the 'doomsday' gets closer, I wake up in the morning thinking back to each MMI station and what I could have done better. I find myself running through 4 scenarios: (i) ACCEPTED!, (ii) Good waitlist, (iii) Bad waitlist, and (iv) Rejected - each of which chang
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