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  1. Wow thanks Chillz and ToBeOTThatisTheQuestion! There definitely is a lot to think about and you guys sell UofT really well It's nice to see how students can try out different areas of practice and I'm glad you both are enjoying the program so much! I'll probably make my decision soon and I can really see myself attending UofT!
  2. Thank you so much for your reply! This is super helpful. Yeah, I'm actually leaning towards UofT because of the catchment area! I looked on the website and they have so many clinics/hospitals and it seems like there are more opportunities to try different things. I am worried about housing though. Other than the fact that housing is super expensive in Toronto (as a Vancouverite, not super stoked about that!) I know students are responsible for travelling to and from placements. Do most students transit to the locations, or do some actually move near their placement for the required couple
  3. Hello! I was accepted into UofT OT as well! Can any current students talk about their experiences in the program and what we should expect in terms of learning style, placement/research opportunities, evaluations, general lifestyle etc.? For those accepted into more than one program, how are you deciding which school to go to, and what makes the UofT OT program stand out compared to the others?
  4. Congrats to everyone accepted and to those still waiting or were rejected, good luck and don't lose hope! I got accepted into UofT, Western, Mac, and Queens for OT and was wondering if people know what the differences are between these programs or have any tips on which one to choose! I'm incredibly grateful to have the option to choose between schools and I'm not sure what factors to consider (location, opportunities, student life)! If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it! I'm from Vancouver and don't know anything about Ontario schools, other than that brief time I v
  5. anybody submit an ot/pt dual application and receive interviews for both?
  6. Those are good points! I do tend to ramble sometimes so I'm definitely going to practice a bit with my roommate tomorrow aha. I don't think Mcmaster allows us to bring anything with us so I'm practicing without. It really is hard to organize your thoughts in such a limited time frame! I do practice by summarizing, identifying the main issue or dilemma, exploring different options and describing the advantages and disadvantages of each, and then ending by repeating my main points in a concise way. I'm hoping to talk for about 4 minutes and then answering any prompt questions to make sure I've h
  7. Hey Everyone! I thought I'd start a thread so we can discuss ways we're prepping for the MMI. I've heard many different views on prep and how you can't really prepare for the MMI. Right now, I'm finding questions online or in books and timing myself talking. I've familiarized myself with the 4 pillars of the ethical dilemma but I don't know how medical based the scenarios will be- i've heard they're really random! How are you guys preparing, how long do you prepare for? If anyone has gone through an MMI yet, any tips would be greatly appreciated! Also, if anyone has any tips for Mcmas
  8. Oh thank you!! that's very helpful to know and definitely an important factor to consider I'm not sure if I'm a self directed learner but I'm sure any OT program would be a huge adjustment for me! Does PBL stand for problem based learning? Do you mind explaining how that works in the program?
  9. Thank you! Yeah, I would be ecstatic to receive even one acceptance....it makes me so anxious thinking about it! I was just wondering if anyone had strong preferences for particular programs (or if one program is known to be better than the others), especially those in Ontario
  10. What are your top choices for OT or PT and why? I want to go into OT but the programs seem similar to me in terms of curriculum. Does anyone have any helpful info/links distinguishing the programs from one another and what factors would personally influence your decision to choose one school over another? I've applied to UBC, Queens, Western, UofT, Alberta (all OT), McMaster (OT and PT).
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