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  1. Did anyone get further info on scheduling from UBC Peds yet?
  2. Hello all, apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I am a final year CMG applying to CARMS this cycle and looking for an interview prep buddy to practice with I am flexible about types of prep (MMI, panel, in between) and time commitment. I have always found practice with "strangers" more helpful than practicing with friends because it is more similar to actual interview day, so please send me a message or comment here if interested!
  3. I asked admissions earlier this week and they said the updated checklist for our class will be up next week. I think they're pretty busy right now!
  4. Best of luck house-hunting Its a great city but the housing market is a nightmare lol
  5. Thank you for your answer and your congrats Super excited!
  6. Result: Accepted to Unspecified Campus (Preference: London) Timestamp: ~12pm - my timestamps are messed up on my email 2YGPA: 3.98 (conditional - this year is 3.99) MCAT: 35(13/11/11) Interview: Year: 5th year of UG Geography: IP, not SWOMEN
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