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  1. I kind of wish they sent out rejections . . . if I have no chance this application cycle I would love to know. Congratulations everyone who has already received an invitation to interview!! Best of luck to those who are still waiting.
  2. Hi MunMed, Thank you so, so much for taking the time to reply to my post! Congratulations on admissions to MUN, it makes me so happy to hear non-trad success stories. I appreciate your perspective. It actually didn't occur to me to take an ethics course or two. Maybe that's something I can do through continuing education or distance ed while I'm working this year. I am determined to feel better about my CASPer performance this year! Are there any text books from the ethics courses you've taken that you would recommend? I've read through Doing Right a couple of times. Thank you and
  3. Hi everyone! I am graduating with a BA (Hons.) in Music this spring. A couple of years ago, after a couple of life-changing diagnoses, I decided that I want to work in healthcare as a physician. Unfortunately, my cumulative GPA is NOT competitive (it's a 3.7) and I do not have a science background (just a few life sci courses I took out of interest). My dream school is McMaster because their values align closely with my own and I love Hamilton! I applied to McMaster this past application cycle so I could get a feel for the application process. As I expected, I did not receive an interview.
  4. I am so grateful for all of your stories! I am 24, and finishing an undergraduate degree (BA Hons. Music) this spring and I am about to embark on a long non-traditional pre-med journey... All of your patience and perseverance is so inspiring!
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