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  1. Nope, but you gotta give them credit. I'm sure they have a lot more applications
  2. I got chu. Any news from Dal OT? I contacted them and they said they are hoping to send out letters late April. Sounds like everything is going down late April.
  3. They won't send anything until late April! Source: https://www.mcgill.ca/spot/admissions/application-status
  4. If we haven't heard... does that basically mean we are on an unofficial waiting list? I haven't been accepted or denied, so it seems like they're just moving through a list until all seats are filled. This is just my speculation.
  5. From BC and haven't heard. I'm very doubtful rn because I think only a handful of spots are for applicants outside NS
  6. Sounds about right, I assume they won't be sending invites today (on holiday)?
  7. Out of curiosity did you just take easy courses to get that 84%+? I took some difficult courses that brought me under the 84 cutoff and I think that was my only fault in my application
  8. I know, thanks for the update, but it changed early march cheers
  9. Hey nothing for me yet either, though I'm not optimistic as I am out west.
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