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  1. This is just a really curious and maybe silly question I thought I'd ask for fun - but, do dental students get a backpack? If so, what's it like? I had heard that UWO students get a bag, do students at other schools get one as well that is similar? Regardless, I guess more practically speaking, was wondering regarding how many things youll need to carry around in it besides your computer, and if its maybe best to have backpack or if a laptop bag suffices?
  2. Just a question about checking the student centre. If they update it at midnight, would that mean if they are coming out tomorrow then Student Centre would update tonight at 12am? Also, if we are waitlisted, what would the status be on the student centre (the options at the top seem to be only Admitted, not offered admission, and incomplete, though I might just not be familiar with the system)!
  3. Wait, do you mean tomorrow people can call to ask if they were above or below average? Or are they planning to send out offers of admission tomorrow?
  4. No no oh my gosh apologies for the misunderstanding. The comment was misleading and individuals were messaging me asking if it was the interview score and clearly it just wasn't written clearly! However, individuals have called and been able to ask for a rank as rtynb said too, though I cannot comment on nor know why they aren't able to give it out at this time. im sure they have their reasons! And I do not know if they will end up giving out any information on interview scores, depends on what they decide to do and what they feel is best!? we can only ever speculate. People had told me that y
  5. Where did you hear this? They've already compiled the scores and told you we can call today? Also, I thought I heard from a friend during my interview Sunday that U of T is increasing the class size this year by a couple seats, but I am not sure if this is true or was just a misunderstanding?
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