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  1. i would go with their time. it says check in time is 8:45a.m. so I'm probably going to show up at around 8:15-8:30 saskatoon time, which would be 10:15-10:30 EST.
  2. maybe they want to see if you were involved in clubs/volunteering as well? not sure though
  3. invited! edit: best 2 years: around 90% i think DAT: 22 AA, 21 RC, 21 PAT
  4. okaay i haven't received one either so wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat thanks
  5. Did anyone receive a confirmation email after emailing them confirming that you will be attending the interview?
  6. The interview invites are out for University of Saskatchewan. Feel free to post your stats!
  7. Apparently in 2015 (class of 2019), 43 were accepted off of the waitlist so you never know!
  8. i keep replaying the interview over and over in my head lol and wondering if my responses were good. but yeah, I agree with how relaxed it was which was great because it helped me calm down
  9. Hi, Lol for me, I wrote the DAT a total of 3 times. First time I wrote it, I scored a 22 on RC, 21 AA, 21 PAT. I wrote this during my third year of uni and wasn't too happy with my marks so I decided to rewrite it next year in November. When I rewrote it, I got a 17 on RC, 23 PAT, 21AA. That 17 on RC destroyed me and made me regret writing it so much because I didn't make the cutoff for Western. So this year, I wrote it again mainly so I would make the RC cutoff for western. Thankfully, I made the RC cutoff this year but honestly, if I could go back in time, I would stop myself from writi
  10. Yeah. I think last year's interview average GPA was 3.91
  11. Has uSask updated the DAT status for anyone? mine still says not received
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