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  1. I wouldn't say most. Maybe ~5 years ago that might be the case but as of now at least 50% of all undergrad dietetic students come into the program having completed some university if not a degree or masters, at least those in Ontario schools (Ryerson, Western, Guelph). Common ones were MSc but there were a few MBAs that wanted to switch careers... definitely not all the straight from high school types. That's at least 2-4years of another undergrad + possibly 1-2 years for masters. And internships are going the way of the dodo. More and more are becoming integrated masters (MHSc, MPH etc) and t
  2. Why is there such a difference between how UofT's list is moving vs western (not moving)?
  3. I think I don't know how to have fun anymore... like spending time with friends etc is enjoyable but I don't know... I can't think of things to do that I enjoy? (I could also just be super burnt out but I can't even enjoy the thought of a vacation. It just seems like more work...)
  4. Wait so people who paid their first instalment and then don't end up going to the ceremony?
  5. LOL yes. Not really a friend tho, an acquaintance (friend of a friend). To be fair I heard he was always a big a$$ in class etc anyways, the superiority was just worse once he was finished first year of med school. Other people I know are pretty much the same? Just more brag-y on social media (i.e. snapchat of parties, rotations, brag-ranting about staying late for clerkship etc) So like another poster said above, it can bring out the worst or magnify certain aspects of their personality I guess?
  6. I would think evolution would be more improtant to study... can't remember questions anymore but I'm pretty sure I didn't have any or very little plant questions. But to make sure check the topics under the DAT section on the CDA website
  7. Quick! Everyone reading this tread, like every single post on here! hahaha
  8. Find friends or other dental students to edit first. Although I've never used these services I doubt they can tell you anything for certain that someone else couldn't do in exchange for coffee or food (much cheaper I would think). It also allow some differences in opinion making sure your ideas come off as clear and concise under different interpretations (as individuals can interpret or misinterpret what's written).
  9. I couldn't find it. *shrug* maybe you need a certain number of posts? Or likes? Lol no idea.
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